Guide on Which colors go best with which in home decor?

Well, it depends on your personality and the mood you want to set. I’m all for a colors splash in every room of the house. In design circles, they’re called an accent wall – but that can mean anything from a stripe behind the sofa or bed to a single wall painted another shade entirely.

There are so many excellent choices out there, from subtle to shiny to screaming. Have fun searching your local paint store or online for the colors and shades you like best and try them out!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite rooms where color is paired perfectly:

Blue and White – T

Blue and crisp white lends itself beautifully to a beach house bedroom, living room or even kitchen. Bonus points if you can manage nautical touches such as an anchor pillow or sailboat painting! This scheme also looks amazing in country decor too, like this blue and white plaid living room:

Green –

One of the most popular accent colors right now, green adds energy to any space whether bright pine or deep hunter. I love it paired with rose gold metallic accessories or paired with black and white like in this living room:

Black & White –

Clean and classic, black and white is a timeless pairing that I think we’ll all be seeing for years to come. The traditional can work well with lots of other colors too (like blue and green above) but the sophisticated look lends itself extremely well to metallic accessories like gold or rose gold accents.

Pink –  

The 80’s called… They want their decor back! Just kidding 😉 But really…you really don’t see it used much anymore. You should totally get on board though because pink, whether soft blush or bright bubblegum looks amazing in a teen girl bedroom, pretty pastel living room or feminine powder bath. New take on pink – metallic pink, seen here in a glamorous bedroom:

Yellow –

Sunny and bright yellow is a color that’s coming back into popularity, especially in smaller spaces like bathrooms. I love it paired with black too! This dining room has both brilliant yellow walls and black accents like the chandelier and decor:

Orange –  

This rich shade of autumn is another great accent color that comes into play mostly in kitchens (which we’ll get to next week!) But you can also see it in this two-tone living room with orange walls and contrasting white furniture:

Metallic –  

A trend right now for sure, metallic is showing up everywhere from accessories and jewelry to paint and fabrics. It can totally give an otherwise neutral space a pop of glam. I love metallic accents paired with black and white like this dining room:

Brown –  

Another super versatile color, brown is great for earthy decor or even popping in some dark paint on an accent wall to add warmth and character to your living room. Give it an industrial edge by painting some wood beams with it too!

Green & Blue –  

I’ve seen these colors together everywhere lately – from accessories on Etsy to home decor at Target. It’s one of my personal favorite combos because the shades are so rich and moody looking, just like these gorgeous living rooms here:

Purple & Gray –    

I think gray might be the new neutral especially when paired with purple! Soft lavender looks amazing paired with gray velvet furniture or cozy textures like this living room:

Silver –    

Another one of my favorite accent colors is metallic silver. It can make a space feel more modern and sophisticated, especially when it’s used on the ceiling – as seen here in an ultra glam bathroom:

Yellow & Red –

This happy pairing brings me back to memories of kindergarten finger painting… But hey, there’s no denying its appeal. These are bold accent colors that I think work best when paired with lots of other shades too, since they’re so colorful! This living room mixes them both with some softer neutrals to balance them out:

White –    

A classic for sure, white pops best against dark or black accents. It’s a great backdrop for other bold colors or even metallic touches too, like this bathroom:


Have I convinced you yet that bold accent colors are totally the way to go? I hope so!

I’d love to hear your favorite accent color too…leave it in a comment below. Also, you can follow me on Pinterest for more decor inspiration!   Be sure to come back next week when we’ll be talking about some of our other favorite space makeover colors like black and white, metallic and gray among others!