Heart Health and the Use of Marijuana

According to several new studies, it has been discovered that almost 2.3% of users of marijuana have certain forms of cardiovascular diseases. So, this study appeared in the Journal of the American College Of Cardiology. The paper further looked at it and the different interactions that it might have with the different drugs that are particularly prescribed for any kind of cardiovascular problems. Apart from that, how its chemicals affect cardiovascular tissues was also a part of the paper.

As stated by the Centre for Disease Control and also Prevention, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for most of the deaths within the United States. Almost 23.4 percent of the deaths in the United States were caused as a result of heart problems, in 2015.

Marijuana use and cardiovascular disease

As per the American Heart Association, almost half the US adults have one or the other form of cardiovascular disease. This figure is almost 121.5 million adults, which is 48% of the total US population. However, 2.3% of marijuana users having cardiovascular diseases are lower in comparison to the huge US population, as stated by https://www.medicalnewstoday.com.

However, this report does not mean that its use and cardiovascular diseases have no significant links. The evidence is insufficient and therefore, no connection can be proven. The little available evidence is not of great quality. So, in the United States, several restrictions imposed on researching marijuana. This means that no scientist can carry out clinical trials associated with marijuana to understand all the effects. So, that, it may have on human health.

This is an important reason why researchers are focusing on their research based on several observational studies. It is also known that the authors of the observational studies claim that there is a link between the use of marijuana and cardiovascular issues.

However, as per the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, the observational studies are inclusive or have different problems with the methodologies. This is why scientists find it extremely difficult to conclude them.

The observational studies and researches

The authors of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology took a look at the data from NHANES for understanding the total number of users who have CVD. After that, they discovered that almost 2 million US adults who were using marijuana are also suffering from various cardiovascular problems.

According to Dr. Ersilia M. DeFilippis, the use of marijuana is not only recreational but also medical; however, most of the cardiovascular effects cannot be understood properly. In the NHANES query, the doctor and her team estimated that 2 million adults who use marijuana also had CVD. read about Ram Duriseti

She also stated that most of the cardiology patients undergoing medical treatments could interact with marijuana in different ways; however, the interaction was primarily based on formulation. Since the use of marijuana has increased in the United States, the authors of this study are going to ask doctors whether they are using marijuana and the medications have to be reviewed if required.

To conclude, it can be stated that the current evidence is limited and also whatever evidence is present, no clear link is indicated towards the use of marijuana and the different cardiovascular events.