Host Corporate Events on a Boat to Make an Impression on Your Clients

client meeting

Do you have an important client meeting coming up and are you looking for ways by which you can impress them so much that you can clinch the business deal? Well then, you can consider doing something innovative and instead of holding the meeting inside the four walls of your office, try doing it on the River Thames. The river can be a wonderful setting for your corporate meeting with its relaxing ambience. In this article, you will learn why organising a client meeting on a boat can be a good idea.

Make a bold impression

When you are looking to secure a contract, propose a new venture, network with new clients, etc., it is essential to seize the opportunity of your first meeting with them and make it a grand success. You will only have one real chance of making a good impression, and hence you need to do everything to make a bold statement while choosing the setting for your meeting as it needs to match the expansive vision of your brand. A meeting on a boat with a river setting will impress your clients even before the meeting begins and this can be highly beneficial for you.

Serene and calm ambience

A business meeting has to have a calm and serene atmosphere which will be conducive to creativity and originality. Having a meeting on a boat will take the air of seriousness and pressure that accompanies such meetings when they are held in the closed confines of the four walls of an office room. The cool breeze blowing by, the slow, languid pace at which the boat will be sailing across the river with the whole city in view will no doubt make the ambience more peaceful. This can increase productivity and outcome and reduce stress and pressure, and hence the meeting is going to be more successful. This is an essential reason for holding a business meeting on a sailing boat.

What can you expect?

Sailing on the Thames will give you the opportunity also to show your client London’s most historic and more contemporary sites and landmarks, it is a good backdrop for an influential and vital meeting. The catering service on the boat will provide the best food preparations for the journey along the Thames. This experience can give you more prestige in the eyes of your clients and other corporate guests and will reflect upon the professional nature of your brand as well.

You can host a good Thames boat party at affordable prices in London and give your guests a memorable experience.


Business and corporate meetings require a setting which is calm and quiet. A relaxing ambience is a must to reduce stress and ensure that the meetings proceed smoothly without hindrances. One such novel way to ensure that you have such an ambience is by organising your essential meetings on a boat with the beautiful river view all around, instead of the confines of an office room. The view, the gentle breeze and the sound of the gentle water lapping will provide an air of tranquillity, which will make your meetings a success surely.