How “Green” Are Assisted Living Communities in 2019?

The current youth-obsessed society for some Communities cause has indeed made it quite unpopular in discussing aging. But the truth is everyone ages and gets old, as this is part and parcel or rather the cycle of life. Often people think that life during. The first ’30s is better compared to the last ’30s. But this is not the truth. After all, age brings with it strength, grace, experience, and wisdom, and people who are in their golden years. Yet, the logistics associated with aging is not as poetic. Stepping into retirement is equally a big change in life. Post-retirement nothing remains the same as before. Physical ability, daily schedules, and income everything undergoes a change when there is no work requirement.

Green Assisted Living Communities

Today almost everything has become eco-friendly and assisted living communities too are no different. No wonder the demand for green-assisted living communities is on the rise and these are also available in good numbers. So, if your loved ones favor an eco-friendly lifestyle, keep this in mind while looking for an assisted living home near you. For senior citizens with mobility or health concerns, eco-friendly, or green living communities will offer them the comfort and safety they require devoid of restricting independence completely. The good news is plenty of such living communities are coming up, but for best results, it is vital to know the criteria to check out for. An assisted living home that is a truly green must,

  • Beat or meet the Energy Star standards of the EPA
  • Attain high standards with regards to the indoor air quality
  • Utilize building materials which are produced locally or/and recycled
  • Include stormwater management and water conservation
  • Asset little footprint especially on the land
  • Maintain low carbon emissions by using super-efficient weatherization or renewable energy

Retiring in Green Places

There is a purpose to call the retirement phase as the golden years. Post working so hard and giving so much effort, raising children, and supporting the family in the best possible way, retirement indeed is a time where people ultimately get around doing things that they have long cherished and dreamt of. For all those people who are on the lookout for an ideal place to retire, then there cannot be a better choice than eco-friendly assisted living communities. Hurry look for the best place to begin your green retirement.

Cohousing is another good choice. This is a form of collaborative housing where residents can actively take part in the design as well as the operation of the neighborhood. Here every member will have his/her own private quarter that can either be separate dwellings or apartments that are dorm-style. Nurturing community, socialization, and safety are qualities. That is highly desirable to seniors. And these are things that are included intrinsically in the cohousing environment. Today assisted living communities that offer special services such as dementia, or Alzheimer’s care are also available. You can now easily find Alzheimer’s or dementia care homes near you.