How to Ask Someone Out On a Date without Losing Face

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When you like someone, you might find it hard to approach them, since you fear being rejected. This can make it hard for you to ask them out. However, since you like that person so much, it is important that you man up and ask. Here are some tips on how you can go about this.

Be yourself

Don’t try and fake who you are, as the real you will come out later in the relationship. So, get it right from the start and be yourself. You will come off more authentic this way.


Decide which method you are going to use to ask them out on a date. This can be face to face; it can be through phone, text, or even email. Choose the most appropriate method for you. Just realize that with some methods, there is always a chance that the person might fail to respond in time or respond at all. This includes text and email.

Therefore, if you want an immediate response and to gauge their reactions; you can choose to talk to them face to face or call them.

When talking to them either face to face or through phone, take your time, do not rush, so as not to seem anxious, even if you are.

Be open

Be prepared for any response. They might say yes or they might say no. They might also give you some alternative dates and times, if they are not available at the time that you want. So, be open to this eventuality.

Plan ahead

You need to plan ahead about where you are going to take her. This way, when she asks you what is on your mind, you can let her know the plans you have made. It can be quite embarrassing for you to ask her out and when she asks you where you will be going, you have no idea. So, plan ahead.

One of the places you can take her is on London Dinner Cruises. This is quite romantic and ideal for a first date idea. You will get some bonus points the nice ambience and creativity.

However, a date doesn’t have to be expensive or formal for it to be nice. It can be quite informal and inexpensive, depending on how much you can afford to spend. Just remember to make it fun and creative.

Be indirect

If you do not have the courage to ask them out on a date directly, be indirect. For instance, you can do this by giving suggestions of things you can do together when they are free, for instance, to go out bowling or for a pizza. This way, even if she turns you down, it won’t be a deal breaker compared to if you had been direct.

Be direct

This is a great way of getting a direct answer. This way, you know where you stand with the person. You will know whether to move on or to keep trying.


Tina Hart is a relationship psychologist. She has been to a number of London Dinner Cruises and truly enjoys them.