How to Avoid Most Common Wedding Day Mistakes

There are sooooo many things you must do in preparation for your wedding day, so it’s not really a surprise that most brides make a few mistakes. Even though nothing can ruin your special day as long as you and your partner are on the same page, you can make the whole affair much easier if you’re aware of these wedding day mistakes.

Missing out on photographs

Your wedding might be the first time since college that you see all your friends or the first time ever that you have all your family in one place. All of these situations have to be captured, so prep in advance. Inform your photographer of all the photos you want to have in your wedding album. Give them the list in advance and ask the bridesmaids to help with people in order to save time. Your photographer isn’t a mind reader, so don’t expect them to automatically know what you want from your wedding photos.

Crash dieting

Many brides-to-be choose to go on a strict diet a few weeks before the wedding to lose those extra few pounds. However, reducing calories and avoiding entire food groups for a long time can be very dangerous for your health and can cause all kinds of health problems that can affect your wedding much more than your not-so-flat tummy. If you wish to look your best, it’s much better to start a healthy eating plan a year or 6 months before your wedding to reach your weight goal slowly.

Winging your makeup

If you decide to wing your makeup and go without any type of makeup rehearsal, you’re risking plenty of stress on your big day. It’s always best to book a makeup appointment before your wedding to try out different looks, shades and makeup brands. Today, finding a professional bridal makeup that fits you is a truly easy task thanks to the internet. You can find a practical database of amazing artists who offer everything from very natural looks to dramatic HD looks. You just have to find an expert that fits your style and you can book your makeup tryouts to minimize stress in the future.

Not thinking about your guests

If you have family members and guests who travel to your wedding destination, keep in mind that that’s a considerable expense, to ensure they are comfortable. Stock their hotel room with necessities and try to provide transportation to the reception and back to the hotel. If you’re organizing a weekend-long destination wedding, you can even set up group activities to keep your guests entertained before the ceremony and reception.

Being too strict about social media

Most guests will understand if you nicely request to refrain from taking too many pictures of the ceremony or if you ask them to wait with social media posts while the ceremony lasts. However, if you ask them to keep the afterparty off of Instagram or Facebook, that probably won’t work. So, be realistic and don’t try to stop your guests from having fun and sharing it online.

Not spending time with your partner

This is the biggest mistake when it comes to your big day. Make sure to pay plenty of attention to your guests, but don’t forget why you’re actually here. Every time you get the chance, go to a more private area of the venue and use the time to chat with your spouse. Grab a drink, take a light walk or just sit in each other’s arms. This will make all the difference!

As stated at the beginning of the text, as long as you and your future spouse are happy, calm and excited, your wedding will be a success. However, skipping these most common wedding day mistakes can make your day even better, smoother and happier!