How to choose the best modern furniture and decor items for your home.

My name is Roman and I’m a full-time blogger and the co-owner of How to Decorate Your Home: A Practical Guide to Designing and Styling. Our website offers plenty of practical and simple decorating tips to interested readers who want their homes to look modern, but they don’t have much time or knowledge about interior design.

I’ve decided to write this detailed article for people who are completely new in decorating their houses with modern items that are trending right now.

So here’s my advice on how you can easily do it without spending too much money!

First of all, ask yourself these questions:

1. What colors/materials am I attracted to? For example, are you more serious in nature and interested in darker tones, like black or brown? Or do you prefer more cheerful colors in your home?

2. What is my budget? It’s very important to set a budget for each room that will be decorated with the new modern items. If you have an unlimited decorating budget, good for you! But if not, stick to your guns and try to get high-quality items within your price range.

3. Which design style is I interested in? Do you want something with clean lines or would you prefer ornate details on furniture? Would you rather go for simplicity of contemporary pieces or rather opt for vintage ones instead? So many questions! Don’t worry; we’ll help you find the perfect fit right away.

Choosing the paint color

If you’re decorating a room from scratch, it’s very important to choose the right paint color.

And if your priority is finding something that will look good no matter what the interior style of your home is, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Modern furniture is usually darker and more saturated than older styles’ pieces, so keep this in mind when choosing paint for walls and cabinets. Use bright white as an accent wall colour! It’ll make modern items pop out even more next to dark grey or black walls. Remember that using light colors on doors, windowsills and moldings will make your place feel brighter overall.

2. Try not to use too many different shades of the same color all over the room, as it’ll make it look smaller and darker. Instead, use white for base paint and add other bright colors to your walls with wallpaper. It’s a great way to decorate modern rooms and still be able to change things up later if you want (without repainting everything again).

Choosing furniture

It’s really important that every piece of furniture in your house is functional, so don’t go for something just because you think it’ll fit perfectly into your home! First of all, carefully measure the dimensions of each room in your place – this way you’ll avoid buying anything too small or too big for any given space.

1. Bedroom –

Large pieces of bedroom furniture are perfect for modern rooms, as they tend to be lighter and more open.

A few examples of trendy pieces for a bedroom include a nice bed frame with a headboard, a nightstand and a dresser. Make sure that you don’t buy anything too small or too large for your room – if you have limited space, it’s better to go for something smaller instead of buying big furniture items such as armoires or china cabinets (especially if you live in an apartment).

2. Living room –

If you want to make your living room look stylish without spending too much money on new decor items, opt for clean-lined midcentury-style modern furniture. IKEA is the best place to find cheap and solid pieces that will fit any interior, although they have a very distinct style.

3. Bathroom –

Yes, bathrooms can be stylish too! You just need to choose the right items in order to make this happen in your home. It’s best to go for a floating shelf and a wall mirror, plus some other fun decor pieces that you can easily find on Amazon or at your local store (things like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and more).

Decorating with plants

Yes, there are interior designers who do not recommend placing plants in modern rooms because it makes them feel smaller and cozier overall. But I say: try it out anyway – what’s the worst thing that could happen your place might actually look even more stylish with a little greenery around.


You really don’t need to be a pro in order to decorate any place successfully. Just remember that the most important thing is to choose furniture and paint colors that fit your house well, and you’ll be good to go!