How to decorate a bedroom with a king-size bed?

Let’s admit it – decorating a bedroom is not as easy as we might think. The reason to that: there are many different ways and perspectives on how to do exactly that, starting with colors and furniture styles and ending with the questions of whether we should go for a matching style or mix & match several different styles.

To help you out in this quest for creating your own perfect bedroom, here are some ideas which will hopefully help you get started.

How to decorate a bedroom with a king-size bed?

First things first!

Before even thinking about colors and other ways to adorn the walls, let’s have a look at the basics – so the question would be how to decorate a bedroom with a king-size bed.

When it comes to this particular piece of furniture, you should keep in mind that the room’s decoration is not limited only to the walls! The bed itself can become an important part of your overall style and theme. A lot of master bedrooms are decorated around their beds by adding matching night stands, dressers or even wardrobes, which help create the desired atmosphere.

Usually, that’s why people often choose neutral colors for their bedrooms’ walls – because there are many pieces of furniture which allow you to work with different styles and themes without having them clash with each other through color contrasts.

However, if you want to create a themed bedroom, you should go for the walls and the rest of the modern bedroom furniture in the same color palette.

Colors: key to success?

The colors that we choose for our bedrooms can vary greatly depending on their size and location. If you’re looking to decorate a small bedroom, then you should opt for light and pastel tones (which create an illusion of more space), such as cream or white shades.

If your goal is to make a big room appear smaller, then dark tones – such as charcoal gray – would be perfect choices that will help create this effect. 

Discreet touches of patterns can also add some panache to a plain environment if they use in moderation. Finally, if the bedroom is located near your living room, then it may be worthwhile to opt for darker tones so that you can enjoy natural light coming from the other room.

The choice of colors becomes even more important if you’re decorating a master bedroom. That’s where neutral hues come into play – meaning no other piece of furniture in the same color palette because this would make the appearance too loud or busy. Of course, there are exceptions – for example, if your nightstands are already decorating with numerous details which match each other, then perhaps adding some colorful wall art wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Another good idea would be to create contrast by matching dark brown or black colors with elements (such as bedding or wall décor) that feature soft and neutral hues, such as cream or white.

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Keeping it simple – the golden rule?

When it comes to creating a relaxing bedroom with an inviting appeal, most people would agree that keeping things simple is the key to success. One of the best ways how to decorate a bedroom like this would be by choosing natural materials for its furniture (such as wood) and also sticking to pastel tones when it comes to the walls’ paint color. Shades of gray are perhaps among the most popular choices when it comes to modern bedrooms because they help create an airy and spacious atmosphere.

You can also opt for walls with a touch of color – just a single one – if you’re looking to create a more vibrant look. Neutral furniture pieces, such as bed frames with storage units underneath, can help you bring this vibrant tone into the room without going overboard with patterns or colors on your walls or flooring.

How to decorate a bedroom with carpet flooring?

Of course, it is always up to your personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right kind of flooring for your bedroom because there is no “right” type which fits all styles and themes. However, having said that, carpets are perhaps the most popular types of flooring worldwide because they allow people to enjoy softness under their feet and a more relaxed feeling when they enter the bedroom.


When it comes to decorating a bedroom, choosing colors that match each other and the décor’s style is the key to creating a relaxing and inviting vibe. While there are many pieces of furniture which go well with each other in any color palette, you should opt for neutral hues when it comes to choosing wall paint because this will make your room appear larger and more spacious.