How to Get More Bang for Your Buck When Hiring a Car for Your Next Trip

Renting a car is a great way of moving around when you are out on an office trip or even a vacation with the family. However, unless you are careful, renting a car can end up costing far more than you had planned for and also throwing your budget out of gear. Some great tips from experienced travelers that you should keep in mind the next time you are renting a car:

Choose the Right Model

It can be extremely tempting to hire a fancy model that you have always hankered for but never could afford. However, even though the rental may seem reasonable, there can be many hidden costs linked with high-end cars. You will not only end up spending a bomb on the excess on your insurance but also face a steep repair bill if there’s even a small scratch when you return it. It is far better to choose the smallest car you can do with but just make sure it is safe.

Don’t Get Conned into Buying Extras You Do Not Require

It is very easy to load up on extras that seem very attractive but very often don’t need. For example, why get a sat-nav when your smartphone has all the maps you need? Don’t get rushed into opting for extras, you have no use for because when you add them all up, it can represent serious money.

Choose Full Tank to Full Tank Option 

It can be very convenient to tick off on a full to empty fuel option. However, you should be aware that this will easily cost a bomb because you will end up paying for the gas at premium garage rates. Just by spending a few minutes extra before you return the car, you can fill up on budget gas and also save yourself from an exorbitant charge by the car rental Christchurch agency.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

Car rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis with a 29-minute grace period. This means that if you exceed this by even a minute, you will end up being charged rental as well as insurance for a full day extra, according to By planning your trip in a manner that you return the car in time so as not to exceed a cycle of 24 hours, you can save a significant amount.

Don’t Buy Insurance from the Rental Company 

Buying insurance from the rental desk might seem very convenient but the trouble is the rental companies charge excessive premiums. Find out whether your current insurance covers rentals or buy cover directly from the insurance company for one trip or round-the-year and also save massively. You could even find one of your credit cards building in rental insurance in the subscription fee or offering it as a freebie.


The car rental industry revolves around offering convenience but usually, everything comes with a high price tag. By adopting a conservative stance in choosing the car and also taking care not to choose unnecessary extras, returning the car before the end of a 24-hour cycle, and buying insurance independently, you can save significantly.