How to get more like and follows on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications. With more than one billion users, the ever-growing platform of Instagram has become a race of followers and likes. If one wants to grow in this competitive environment, he/she has to go smartly about it.

There are ways with the help of which Instagram followers and likes can be increased. Let us go through some of the points that can help get Instagram followers and likes.

  1. Define a theme

While creating an Instagram page, you need to decide a theme for it. A theme is something that will define your page whether it is personal, photography or an awareness page. It will give your page a meaning which will bring think-alike people to your page and this will increase your following.

  1. Get creative with Hashtags

Hashtags are a creative way of establishing a relationship between different posts. It’s a way of connecting with other people with related stories. So, when writing a hashtag, be more diverse about it. Think from a bigger perspective.

You can add witty, ironic and eye-catching hashtags to make people stop while scrolling to like your post.

  1. Get descriptive with your Captions

Captions are a very important part of your posts. They define what you want to show in the picture. If you write a catchy and descriptive caption, it will immediately take readers attention and they might want to see more of you.

  1. Use Instagram Templates

Instagram stories are a very creative way of getting people’s attention. For this particular section, Instagram has developed templates. These templates can be used in every day stories to enhance their beauty and make them striking for the viewers.

So next time you want to make a big announcement for your page. Take help from the Instagram templates.

  1. Develop your own Style

While everybody else is trying to follow the trends, create your own style. Because the one with different style always stands out. To create your own style on Instagram, you need to set the tone (color scheme and other effects) of your page. Sometimes people like to go for dark and dull colors for all of their posts but some people like to go all “fresh and mornin” for their posts. This not only make you Instagram look aesthetically pleasing but surly get you followers too.

  1. Collaborate with other Instagram pages and promote each other’s pages

There is this new trend started on Instagram in which new Instagram pages collaborate with old pages with a good amount of followers. These pages then give shout-out to new pages and ask their followers to those pages too. Real Instagram followers can also be increased this way.

Instagram is a large community which includes a lot of influencers of different sorts. To mark your name in the community, you have to go through some steps taken smartly. With that being said, it is very important to balance between one’s Instagram and real life.