How to look for the best ethical wildlife adventures?

Where do you go when you want to experience nature in its purest form? There is no better place than Australia to observe wildlife in its natural way. However, people, who genuinely love nature find it hard to zero-in on wildlife tours that are ethical and eco-friendly. Many a time, people have to choose between an epic adventure and an ethical trip. Thankfully, those days are over.

What constitutes an ethical journey across the wild terrains?

Wildlife adventure in Australia has reached a new level thanks to passionate naturalists, who curate wildlife tours, underwater experiences and outback travel for the fellow nature lovers. When you are going for a nature tour, here are a few facts you need to consider –

  1. Will the trip and activities affect wildlife?

An easy way to figure out if you are traveling with ethical and eco-friendly people is by determining whether an activity will impact the natural life of the place. For example – a daylong hike in the Nature Park, bird watching and photographing adorable quokkas in their natural habitat is least likely to be detrimental to their existence or the environment. In case you are not confident about the impact on the environment or wildlife, you should be able to talk to the organizer and get a clarification.

      2. Will you enjoy the trip genuinely?

Clicking pictures and participating in underwater can definitely enhance your Instagram stories and add glamor to your Facebook feed, but do you really want to curate these experiences? Sometimes, photographers and social media enterprisers disregard the ethics of travel for collecting material for their social networking activities. It is crucial for every individual to consider the importance and impacts of action before he or she commits to it.

Do you have the right tour operators in your team?

While choosing a wildlife adventure operator you might find several glossy marketing ads and attractive discount rates, but is that all that defines good and ethical tourism? To ensure that you are in good hands, check the following –

  • National and local affiliations: the wildlife adventure group should have necessary licenses and permits from the local authorities. You should be able to review these online.
  • Current social media pages: check positive and negative comments on their activities. It should give you an idea about their working ethics, activity principles and love for the wildlife. Checking their photos can tell you a lot about their ethical position on wildlife tourism.
  • Online reviews and testimonials: extend your search to their online reviews on third-party sites. Some directories contain complete sets of information you can need on a wildlife tourism operator to make an informed choice.

Swimming with a whale shark, amidst a rainbow of tropical fish and watching the coral islands scintillate underwater are activities any marine life enthusiast would love to do. Go on a bird watching and photography adventure to watch the Jabiru, Comb-crested Jacana and Brolga in action. Capture the antics of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas on camera. Choose the right wildlife adventure tourism to become one with nature and enjoy your days amidst its bounties.