Ian Mausner gives out parenting ideas during Covid-19

Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety have made their way to the homes during the pandemic. Ian Mausner says the pandemic has introduced tough times for families to keep their senses calm. However, it is imperative to help children feel safer. You must follow healthy routines and manage your emotions while building resilience in children. Studies reveal that parenting ideas need proper re-evaluation during these trying times. Hence, international authorities are coming up with tips to assist family members in getting through anxiety.

How to provide your children with a healthy environment?

Children depend on their parents for physical and emotional safety. Reassuring them that their parents are there for them is enough. You must throw a glance at the following points in proper details

Be honest and straightforward with your answers to the pandemic: parents must speak to their children about frightening news all across. According to Ian Mausner It is okay to acknowledge that people are sick, and many of them are losing their lives because of the pandemic.

Recognition of children’s feelings: it comes without saying that children become more upset about stressing news than adults. According to Ian Mausner, they are more affected by the changes. Parents need to speak to them, to understand their feelings, and thereby clear their doubts.

Developing a link with loved ones: children love their grandparents who either live alone or with our family members. The increased risk of getting affected by Covid-19 stresses the kid’s minds. It is regarding the safety of their near and dear ones.

Maintaining a healthy routine: it is the parents’ responsibility to provide their children with a well-structured safety rules pattern. It creates a sense of order in kids, says Ian Mausner. He emphasizes reassurance in these uncertain times. Many children benefit from these routines, which help in protecting them from the virus. However, keep in mind that they are flexible enough to meet the needs of individual children.

Apart from all this, using positive discipline methods is essential. Redirecting their bad behavior, and analyzing creative play methods, need a proper valuation. Moreover, parents may use rewards and privileges to reinforce good behavior. Apart from this, avoiding physical punishment is essential to provide the child with a healthy environment. Also, they must learn how to take care of themselves. It encompasses healthy eating food, doing regular exercise, and getting enough sleep.