Improving Employee Efficiency – Top Tips by Saivian Eric Dalius

Even though many businesses have reported improved productivity from remote working, there are still plenty of others who want to get their employees back to the office at the earliest in a bid to return to normalcy says Saivian Eric Dalius. With it becoming clear that you can always improve business efficiency regardless of the circumstances, here’s how to do it:

Allocate the Right Job to the Right Man, Recommends Saivian Eric Dalius

One of the easiest ways of improving efficiency is to allocate tasks based on competence and behavioral style. Even though you may expect all employees to be equally competent, there will always be a few who are better at innovative thinking than at routine tasks. Some perform excellently under pressure while others fumble. The trick for improving efficiency is to allocate tasks based on their skills and attitude. For critical tasks, you must find employees who measure up to the need.

Delegate As Much As You Can

When the business is young and struggling, you may think that you are the best man to do every job, right from strategic planning to generating invoices. However, doing everything on your own can be a waste of time and skill. Instead, you should handle the jobs that call for your specific skills and delegate the rest to others. Of course, you must allocate responsibilities and the authority only to qualified people whom you can trust. By doing this, other employees will gain the necessary skills and experience that will benefit your business, observes Saivian Eric Dalius.

Establish Clear and Specific Goals

One of the reasons why employees often fail to deliver as per expectations is that they are not clear. About what they are supposed to do and achieve. Unless you take the trouble of defining what their roles and goals are, it is not unnatural that their efforts will be unfocused and unproductive, says Saivian Eric Dalius. By telling employees what they are supposed to specifically do and achieve. As well as make them appreciate the impact of their job, you will make them more efficient and responsible. Be sure to make their goals SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. So that you can establish whether they have been met and not decide arbitrarily to incentivize or penalize.

Invest In Training and Development, Advices Saivian Eric Dalius

While learning on the job has undeniable benefits, and according to some, saves time and money. It is not necessarily the best way to learn. It is because the process is inefficient. And it is easy for workers to pick up sub-optimal practices due to a lack of proper guidance. It is far better to invest time and money to implement a structured training program by experts. So that the employees are ready from Day One and not waste their supervisor’s and their time. In questions and answers and correcting errors. Continuing the development process will make them more efficient and productive.


Given the stress on profitability and business sustainability at the moment. It is even more important for businesses to focus on improving efficiency using various methods and approaches.