Iran Air Crash and Its Attack on Two Military Bases Housing American Troops

Iran had admitted that the country’s forces fired missiles at a Ukrainian aircraft with passengers, which also crashed in January close to Tehran. Therefore, the authorities from Iran requested American and French officials to send all equipment required to decipher the aircraft’s black boxes or data recorders. So, it came as a big frustration to countries that called for enhanced global participation in inspecting the mishap, claiming the lives of 176 passengers who boarded the flight.

The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 added to the tense situation between America and also Iran on January 8. So, it’s perceive as a tit-for-tat military attack. It was after the murder of Major General Qassim Suleimani, the Iranian security commander, in a US drone attack at the Bagdad airport. 

Report on the American air crash

However, an initial report from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization confirmed some video footage validated by The New York Times. The video shows dual missiles that fired from the military base. It was also blowing up close to the aircraft. Therefore, according to the investigation team, double Tor-MI missiles targeted at the flight. The investigation is probing to figure out the impact of this air crash.


The aircraft crash victims were 57 Canadians, 82 Iranians, as well as 11 Ukrainians. So, the recommendation is that the flight’s black boxes to be examined or assessed in Iran and not to be sent outside the country. The aviation organization of Iran had requested the US as well as French aviation to send the required equipment to interpret the data recorders on Boeing 737, as Iran lacks the technology and expertise.

If the correct equipment and devices are supplied by the US and France, the information could be used and rebuilt quickly. However, the two countries have not come forward with any positive response whether they will send equipment or not.

Iran also attacked two US airbases

Iran also attacked US airbases with a ballistic missile to retaliate the murder of General Qassim by America. At least over a dozen missiles were used by Iran to attack two US air bases in Al Asad and Irbil. It is yet not clear whether there has been any casualty or not. The early reply from the state of Washington has been hushed up though. According to a tweet by US President Trump, everything is well and any damage or casualty was being looked into and assessed.

Dual American bases, as well as coalition troops, were attacked at around 2 am local time on January 8. The incident occurred mere hours after Qassim’s body was buried, the general who managed Iran’s proxy forces over the Middle East.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s top leader cited that this attack on the two US bases was a tight smack on the face of America. Ayatollah also requested to end the presence of America in the Middle East.

Final thoughts

The recent attack of the US military airbases by Iran has happened since the clutching of the American embassy in Tehran in the year 1979. The attack is being seen as a form of self-defence and not as a resort to escalating the circumstance into a battle between the US and Iran.