Jane Fonda’s climate change protest at full swing as Joaquin Phoenix is the latest celebrity arrest

Jane Fonda’s climate change protests are something to sit up and take notice of. This time, she returned to the Capitol Hill and staged her protest in front of the power corridors at Washington D.C. And, following suit with her earlier protests, this time Joaquin Phoenix, Golden Globe winner, was the latest celebrity arrest.

Latest from Friday’s protest

From the news report published in the USA Today, Ira Arlook of Fire Drill Fridays reported that along with Joaquin Phoenix, his fellow “Grace and Frankie” co-star Martin Sheen was also arrested right from the steps of Capitol Hill. This is the latest in the string of high-profile arrests that have become commonplace with every Jane Fonda climate change protest.

According to the Ira Arlook interview, Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix was right beside Jane Fonda at the protest rally when the pair were arrested. Spotted at the event and voicing her support for the cause was celebrity actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. The Jane Fonda protests have been making all the headlines, and her initiative named the Fire Drill Friday is at the forefront among initiatives targeted at politicians for addressing climate change and the effects.

Supporters of the movement were made aware through a video posted by Jane Fonda at the Friday Fire Drills official account that though the movement will surely continue in the near future. Still, for the time being, Friday’s march was a last of the scheduled protests for the foreseeable future. Jane Fonda has been protesting non-stop, every week since October. Sources close to her reports that the protests coincide with her moving to Washington permanently on top of the epicenter where the fight for global climate is taking place. Her participation has resulted in multiple arrests for her and celebrities and co-stars who have joined the movie star in her crusade.

Protests were aimed at the fossil fuel explorers

According to the Friday Fire Drill site, the protest on Friday was focused on all the investors as well as major banks who finance fossil fuel exploration. It was about stopping the “money pipeline,” according to the official FFD Twitter handle. Videos were posted on the official social networking site of the protest organization where protestors could be seen amassed in large numbers with slogans and chants in front of several financial institutions like the J.P. Morgan and Chase bank.

Celebrity arrests aren’t new if you have been following the Jane Fonda protests against climate change. Several big-name stars have already been arrested in the past few weeks that include Sam Waterston, Lily Tomlin, Rosanna Arquette, Gloria Steinem, and Casey Wilson. For the Friday protests, supporters joined in from all corners of the Hollywood with notable presences of 11 years old actor Iain Armitage as well as director Josh Fox.

With similar protests and shows of solidarity against a global cause like climate change becoming a commonplace and global affair, the world is waiting with bated breath to see the plans and action from the governments and the international community in tackling this serious problem.