John Spach on What to Consume in the Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 has altered people’s daily lives and lifestyles. Many countries have gone under lockdown to terminate the coronavirus spread. However, lockdown and implementation of rules like social distancing and sanitizing is not enough. As these are just halting and affecting the outer environment, but the inner one (your body) is solely dependent on you. Eating nutritious food is one crucial aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, and in times like these, it has become an absolute essential. It is very important to have an immune system that functions optimally, as it can fight and protect you from diseases John Spach.

John SpachStates a Few Things That You Should Include in Your Diet:

Our body is nothing, but the accumulation of the food we consume. So, food is the very basis of the body’s chemistry. You must focus on building and boosting your immunity system. You can do the same by following some ways mentioned below:

Have vitamins religiously –

It is no secret that intake of vitamins is the prime factor of a healthy diet. Vitamin C and Vitamin D, out of all the other vitamins, play a vital role in building up your immunity system. You should include a number of citrus fruits and vegetables like oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons, etc. You can also have mushrooms and egg yolks as they provide vitamin D.

Stay hydrated always –

Hydration is extremely important. It is not only beneficial when it comes to fighting infection but also helps in thinning of mucus, which eases body movement. You should drink a minimum of six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis. Your diet should include lots of fluids. You can have fruits and vegetables which have more water content like cucumber or melons, etc., and soup as they are the sources of fluids.

Have a number of small meals –

According to John Spach, you should aim to have four to six small meals on a daily basis. People who have a weak digestive system should eat smaller meals as it will keep them from getting full quickly. It also helps people with diabetes to control their glycemic index. So, all in all, it is a good strategy to strengthen one’s immunity system.

Turmeric –

Turmeric is a very healthy spice, popular for its qualities of anti-inflammation. It stimulates the formation of antibodies to boost one’s immunity. It fights inflammation and decreases the soreness in muscles. You can increase the intake of turmeric by taking it in a smoothie or your tea.

Nutritious Broccoli –

It is a superfood that is abundant in vitamins A, C, and E. It is a very good source of antioxidants like lutein and sulforaphane. It also consists of nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. You should have little cooked or even raw broccoli, as the more you cook it, the more of its nutrients will get lost.

These are the few things that you should keep in your mind while making your diet chart. Along with food, make sure that you are staying active by exercising or practicing yoga, as it will greatly distress you and keep you overall strong and healthy.