Keanu Reeves steps out with his girlfriend – The public conjectures

Actor Keanu Reeves was spotted with his girlfriend for a while now! And since we are in 2019, where social media occupies huge attention, people are exploding with curiosity. Everybody wants to know who this new lady is, her age and other exciting details about her.

The actor and his personal life

Keanu Reeves has always been slightly unusual with his attitude in Hollywood! Even though he is amply amicable, he’s always been very private and isolated. He is someone who seeks solitude and maintains a clear boundary from the paparazzi. And this gave a few online trolls the chance to come up with “Lonely Keanu” and “Sad Keanu” memes and write-ups. With the new lady walking into the actor’s life, these memes and claims all fall flat. Keanu Reeves was a part of the Art Gala, Los Angeles, with Alexandra Grant, his artistic collaborator for a long time.

And this appearance gave rise to many conversations! And most of it was encompassing this woman’s identity and her association with Reeves. Also, most people were curious about her age! Keanu Reeves remained single for several years. The fact that he is out with his date publicly raises many eyebrows. Also, Alexandra Grant’s natural appearance and silver hair grabbed more attention.

Unlike other Hollywood men, Reeves is dating a lady, who is in his age bracket! It was a complete shocker for the public, as the actor rejected the typical libertine ways that most top-notch celebs have.

More about the lady in question

Keanu’s fans are curious about Alexandra Grant! Who is she? It seems she is a famous, award-winning artist for her word art installations. She also illustrated Reeve’s “Ode to Happiness” book, back in 2011. The book was all about escaping depression and sadness. Reeves and Grant in 2017 had co-founded an art-based publishing press. Alexandra also uses her art for charity.

The relationship

Both Keanu and Grant have been a friend and known each other for years! However, it seems they decided to be in a relationship this spring. All these conjectures come from the actor’s social media posts. It is indeed a pleasure to watch two people deeply involved with one another. They both held each other’s hand as they walked into the Art Gala. Of course, it was a stunning photo opportunity and social media news scope, but the actor’s real fans are happy for him. It is indeed a delight to see an actor who can remove himself from the star-struck expectations and lead a life that appeals to him and be happy.

However, on the other hand, it is indeed frustrating to come across social media posts and comments on Grant’s age! The fact that the lady decided to carry her silver hair streaks comfortably is a point of discussion. The fact that she is a fascinating creator and is successful for her creative renditions almost took a backseat for a while. But Reeves has also received best wishes and universal praise from his well-wishers for dating a lady of his age bracket.