Kim Dalius and mindfulness

Kim Dalius has have been an innovator both as a consultant, coach, and leader in her chosen fields. He is a health care professional who earned her master’s degree in school and mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania (2012).

His joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor after obtaining her MA. In this position, she worked with a large number of undergraduate students.  This included 1st generation students, student-athletes, and transfer students

In 2012, Dalius began workingwith Pre Inc. as an executive coach. Here, she delivered life coaching and counseling classes to top colleagues and employees. Her purpose was to increase the efficiency of Pre Inc.’s C-level employees.

Kimberly Dalius worked as an independent consultant beginning in 2015. Kim came up with innovative ways to help entrepreneurs boost their drive and public recognition. In addition, she developed realistic techniques to help entrepreneurs boost their creativity and morale.

However, From 2016 to 2021, Kimberly Dalius worked at Results.  Her position was established as a mindfulness/wellness advisor (located in the San Francisco Bay Area). Her mission was to provide virtual success guidance to hundreds of Princeton University students and workshops focused on teaching students mindfulness-based strategies to help control stress and deliver tools that instilled feelings of wellness.

In 2018, Kim Dalius started working with a sports talk radio team at KABC 790AM in Los Angeles, California. She was principally responsible for assisting the two hosts on their discussion show. She helped build revenues and their audience through sponsorship tracking, event planning, and establishing new business tactics.

However, Kimberly Dalius has been a coach at the Caruso Catholic Center since 2018. (located at the University of Southern California). At USC, she educates students one-on-one and facilitates group chats for students and staff.  Kim also launched the “Coaches Corner.” The Corner’s aim was to create role-playing settings. College life was reenacting in these scenarios to simulate a life filled with obstacles such as stress and depression, amplified in a social media world.  This work is done as prep for students as they moved toward the real world.

Kim has been an academic advisor at Miami Dade College’s Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute since 2019.  Here, sheprovides success coaching to their Hospitality Club’s virtual learning service. In addition, she works to inform and educate the entire student body on ways to self-motivate, all while monitoring mental health.

In 2015, Kimberly founded Mental Minutes Success Coaching. MMSC Clients use their Success Coaching to help manage life’stwists and turns, all while dealing with stresses or shifts that may occur as a matter of daily life. In the year 2020, Mental Minutes started work on two independent apps. The first supports users in successfully performing tasks. The second is a subscription-based app,used for connecting clients and their success coaches.

Kimberly Daliusrecently signed on with the Miami-based startup MuzicSwipe, In her position, she arranges the weekly Muzic Mindset show, which airs on the Clubhouse platform. In addition, Kim works with musical artists to help them prepare for long-term success through mindfulness, honesty, and responsibility.