Layla Spring Wins Golden Ticket for the Popular Show American Idol

Did you know Layla Spring is returning to Hollywood, and she had bagged the Golden Ticket for the upcoming and extremely popular show, American Idol? On the finale of the show, Dancing with the Stars, Lionel Richie, the judge of this show declared that Layla was the winner and had bagged the Golden Ticket for American Idol.

Layla, appeared in Season 16 of popular America Idol show, its initial outing once this show shifted from Fox to ABC. Spring reached the top 24 but was unfortunately removed in the 24th position in the show, which was bagged by Maddie Poppe.

Layla performed the song, Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away at the famous location Whiskey A GoGo that aired on AMA. 

Spring also flaunted a photo on Instagram from the American Idol show and included the same with a caption. She was elated when became the winner of the Golden Ticket to the upcoming America Idol show. She thanked all and declared to return to Hollywood. Besides Layla, Shawn Richardson and Logan Johnson too auditioned so that they get an opportunity to return to tinsel town and move ahead in the contest.

Lionel Richie will be the judge on American Idol together with Luke Bryan and Katy Perry. Then, Ryan Seacrest will return as the show’s host. Bobby Bones will return as the in-house mentor.  

American Idol Season 18

The season 18 of the show will air on February 16, 2020, which is the third season since it shifted from Fox to ABC. In the previous season, the show conquered Sunday nights as far as the ratings are concerned. It was also announced that American Idol is the best entertainment program among adults in the age group of 18-48 years. Again, it was also the most viewed US show in its particular time slot. Besides, American Idol was also Sunday’s topmost social show.

As far as the judges are concerned, they embarked on a month’s merit of auditions for the upcoming American Idol season, beginning August 2020 in Mobile, Alabama.

The auditions were held in Tallahassee, Macon, Florida, Georgia, California, South Carolina, Santa Barbara, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Columbia, and Las Vegas, Nevada. All auditions wrapped up in Chicago on the 21st of September.

How the audition works

Every singer will need to record on an audition at the popular West Hollywood nightclub, Whisky a GoGo. All the auditions air on Sunday’s American Music Awards. The show viewers would then be able to choose for their preferred audition. Next, the final winner is revealed in the finale episode of Dancing with the Stars. And that is how the auditions work.

There is a lot of excitement about American Idol’s upcoming season. Layla has proved her mettle by winning the ticket to the show. Now, time will tell whether she becomes the winner of the show when it airs in 2020.

What do you think? Does Layla Spring stand a chance to win American Idol in the forthcoming season? A lot depends on fans and their voting.