Learn Smart Ways of Stopping Your Barbecue Grill Covers from Flying Away

The joyous barbecue season is more than welcome with the advent of summer this year. As per Usnews.com, the grill could be a great way of changing things. Up and expanding the view and also the for everybody who had been compelled to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic and also the subsequent lockdown. Today, dining out couldn’t mean anything more than enjoying a nice meal with your family in your yard, patio, or balcony.

Save Yourself the Embarrassment of Roaming Around Looking Frantically for Your BBQ Cover

Your barbecue grill is in full action during the summer. Your family and friends look forward to BBQ parties. However, you must remember to keep this expensive appliance clean, well-maintained, and also properly covered to keep it in top condition. However, covers could be blown away if it is quite breezy hence; you must explore some of the smart tips from experts that would be keeping your grill covers in place particularly if you are residing in a windy locality. Often you lose your BBQ cover and you are compelled to invest in a new one. You could avoid this harassment if you learn effective ways of keeping the barbecue covers in place.

Use a Bungee Cord for Wrapping around a Barbecue Grill Along with Its Cover

You may use a bungee cord to secure the grill cover. Effectively using bungee cords could prevent your BBQ cover from flying away on a windy day. Use a nice long bungee cord or maybe two small ones tied tightly together. The bungee cord must be stretchable so that it could be used effectively. To wrap all around the grill and also its cover. Your BBQ cover would be safe and secure and also would be compelled to stay put.

Tuck the Cover Securely Under the Lid

Tucking the BBQ grill cover securely under the grill could surely be the simplest technique to keep your grill cover in the proper position. The cover must fit the barbecue well. It should not be too small or short then you would have nothing to tuck under the barbecue grill. Moreover, the BBQ cover should not be too big otherwise; it would be too loose and also may start ballooning and fly away if it is too breezy. Simply place the BBQ cover. Gently start lifting the sides of your barbecue grill lid and also neatly tuck in the cover edges under the grill. This should keep your BBQ grill cover very much in place.

Consider Using a Strong Magnet

If you are not willing to do some tying or carry out any strappy affair, you may opt for this technique. You may consider using a strong magnet that should hold your small BBQ cover very much in place.  This is an easy and also hassle-free way of keeping everything in place despite a windy night. You could get the magnet straightaway from your dead hard drive. This magnet would be sticking to the steel present on your barbecue grill. However, the magnet could be losing its grip in the event of a major tornado or hurricane otherwise; it is a perfect solution for you.


Once you follow any of these useful expert tips, you would never face the problem of losing your favorite BBQ grill cover or a new one simply because it got blown away. Now you could feel relaxed and at peace even on a windy night.