Leather Bag Singapore: The different types of leather bags for men and some care tips

One may wonder why only women get so many choices when it comes to handbags. From slings, pouches, envelopes, clutches, hobos, and totes, the varieties go on. And with that, you can add thousands of designs, patterns, colours, and other accessories to make the range even more expansive. No doubt, women used to have more fun in this area, but now, things have significantly changed. Even men fashion is incomplete without bags. They can wear bespoke suits or flash a sleek hairstyle to spread their charm in the air. But their swag will barely have any impact if the look is not adequately accessorized with functional luxury items, such as bags.

In today’s world, now bags don’t belong to women solely. Men can also rejoice over the new choices as these easily conform to their masculinity, vibrancy, and energy. If you wish to potter around the world of men’s bags, but don’t have much idea which variety will be best suitable for your needs, don’t worry. Singapore offers an extraordinary range in these items for you guys, and here you can learn about a few of the most favourite ones.

Types of Men’s Leather Bag Singapore

Briefcase bags

These bags have been in trend for a long time, but with time, they have undergone a sea of change. Unlike their previous boxy self, these bags don’t feature sharp corners. However, the classic shape has been retained in the design with an addition of the use of leather material on the exteriors along with buckles, small and big compartments, etc. These are a perfect choice for a working man or professional any day.

Tote bags

A modern reconstruction of the classic style, the totes are made to match your casual business look. The minimal designs and smooth leather exteriors impart a sense of classiness, while the long handles make them appear edgy and contemporary. The ones that come in black or brown hues create a quite laid-back impact without tinkering with the masculinity. It’s a fantastic fit for casual work attire.

Hobo bags

Another style that is synonymous with men’s casual wear is a hobo bag. With canvas exteriors, these make for a more relaxed and stylish look. A fashion-aware student can choose this type without a second thought as it reflects one’s style statement and taste.


A backpack is used universally for providing the ease of carrying and ability to fit many items on the go. These luxury bags with minimal designs are made for every occasion, such as business, casual, travelling, etc. The new offerings beat the older versions by incorporating a heightened functionality in the form of waterproof compartments for confidential documents, umbrella, and water bottles and waterproof zippers also. Some designs even show off trolley slot strap which you can smoothly slip on to your luggage. Extra space for laptops, chargers, mobile phones, tablets, and wires is another reason to have them in your wardrobe.

There is as such no shortage of choices in leather bag Singapore. Apart from them, you get messenger bags, satchels, duffels, and many other variations to meet your daily or occasional needs. So, why are you waiting? Find out what purpose makes your priority and pick the one that can easily fulfil it. However, only having a bag is not enough. You need to care for it too, especially if the material is leather. Here are some simple tricks that can save your bag, time, and money too.

Tips for maintaining your leather bags

Use a lightly damp cloth for removing stains

Leather can easily catch oil and greasy stains. Before these nasty spills get absorbed in the fabric, clean your leather bag with a lightly wet cotton cloth. Remember, the wipe should not be too damp.

Get leather soap for annual maintenance

Get soap cleaner for your bag. Apply it once or twice every year on its surface in a circular motion and clean it with a moderate wet wipe. It will not obstruct the pores, and your bag will also remain fresh and new for a longer time.

Store it the right way

Another critical point is that you should not leave your bag just like that when you don’t intend to use it for an extended period. Remove buckles and straps to avoid causing their impression on it. Before you keep it in storage, clean it thoroughly. If the surface feels damp, let it dry first. You can use a dust bag or soft pillowcase to store it. While keeping them in the wardrobe, make sure you cover the metallic parts, such as the handle of the zipper, with acid-free tissue paper. This habit will increase the lifespan of your bag by a couple of more years keeping the problems of creases at bay.

So, these are a few tips that can go a long way in making your investment in luxury bags safe and secure.