Look Fabulous in Your Sportswear

What started as a practical and functional transition from a yoga class to lunch by throwing on another layer to look more passable is now a raging trend that millions are trying to recreate. Although it may come as a surprise to some, you don’t have to break a sweat to wear your sportswear and look sharp. Also, you don’t need to wear your distressed workout clothes. The athleisure is a new way of function and comfort, which is based on high-quality sportswear pieces. Think of it like this: You can run errands all day and stay comfy, but still look cute and stylish doing it. Here are several ways of pulling off the look.

Athletic all the way

The simplest way is to stick to your workout wardrobe, but focus on pieces that look cute and feminine. This approach puts functionality in the first place, as it lets you exercise and go about your business later, but you may also invest in a few pieces. Consider black leggings with fun details and a chic hoodie. Every piece here is functional but elevated in style to make your presentation pop up.

Half-casual, half—athletic

Alternatively, you can wear your workout clothes and throw in a casual piece. Take one of those cute functional items described above and pair them with your favourite casuals. This style works best with leather jackets, denim jackets, puffer vest, sunglasses, baseball caps, beanies, handbags, etc. For many girls, this is the favourite ways of wearing the athleisure trend – it’s both comfortable but gives you many options to elevate your look with whatever you have in your closet.

Minimal athletic

Finally, you can wear your normal daily outfit and pair it with a statement athletic piece, such as women’s Adidas white sneakers. This way of sporting the athleisure look is more challenging than the other two, but once you figure out how to achieve it, it gives you the most opportunities to wear it. In short, you can wear whatever you want, provided it pairs great with one, maximum two, athletic items. The athletic pieces will dress down the look, which can balance your outfit but also show that you know what you’re doing. And it’s often the unexpected elements, like pairing sneakers with dresses, a sweatshirt with a skirt, or a hat with a refined blouse that create the eclectic look.

Coordinate colours

While not everyone thinks that colour coordination is important for achieving an impactful look, when it comes to athleisure, colour cohesion can create some killer outfits. While you don’t need to match your leggings to your shoes, the key is to have all the colours tied in somehow. For example, go all monochrome and then throw in a pop of colour or a neutral as an accessory. Or you can stick to two colours and make them work together. If you like grey, you may use different shades and wear them together to elevate the basic look.

The magic of the 3rd piece

In many cases adding a 3rd piece completes your athleisure look in no time. The failsafe thing is to add a denim or leather jacket, but even utility jackets or trench coats can work surprisingly well, depending on how you are comfortable wearing them in the first place. It’s that 3rd piece that makes the difference between just-out-of-the-gym and deliberate and chic athleisure look. While this piece doesn’t have to be super expensive, but if you have a high-quality or designer item you love, it’s a great way of uplifting a rather boring outfit a bit.  

For someone who’s always been a casual dresser, the athleisure trend is a great way to express yourself by sporting more tomboy or athletic pieces with style, and feel no guilt in buying all those hoodies and sweatshirts that you’ve been eyeing and thinking, ‘Will I ever get to wear those?”