Maintain your mental poise and physical fitness during Covid19 with these tips from Martin Polanco

The drastic lifestyle changes that everyone is going through due to Covid19 are creating many health issues for many people who are unable to accept the truncated life that robs us of freedom. We enjoyed it before the pandemic.  Adapting to the new reality is not easy. Suddenly, we face a situation when we do not know how to use the extended time at home meaningfully as we stay in home quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading, observes Martin Polanco.

We are passing through unprecedented times when uncertainty about the present and also future is leading to excessive mental stress. Protecting mental health should be our priority. As it should help us support our family and friends and also even discharge our responsibilities with our employer. At the same time, having the right frame of mind will improve our physical health and ensure wellness and wellbeing.

Here are some tips for managing your wellness and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Look after your body first, says Martin Polanco

Since there is a close link between our physical and mental health, you must first focus on maintaining your physical health by following a well-balanced and nutritious diet so that the body receives the proper nutrients to sustain and also improve immunity. It will help keep away from infections and also sickness, while your ability to continue. With physical activities will take care of your mental health.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with protein and healthy fats but less sugar and salt. Keep your body hydrated by increasing the intake of fluids like water, fruit juices, and also beverages like green tea. However, keep caffeine intake under control and also minimize or abstain from alcohol and tobacco as it increases mental stress and disturbs sleep patterns. Have a good sleep at night and sufficient rest during the day.

Stay active

While it is crucial to find some time for relaxation to relieve mental stress, it is equally important to stay active in whichever way you can. The best thing is to create a routine for daily exercise. In the morning before starting the day’s work, but you can even do it at some other time according to your convenience. Since the scope of the exercise is limited within the home, choose simple but engaging exercises that do not require any resources. Practicing Yoga will help to stay active while addressing the issues of mental wellbeing by calming your mind.

Avoid information overload

As the novel coronavirus keeps rampaging in new forms through constant mutation, the flow of information. From all corners, print media, social media, the internet, and the grapevine multiples at an astronomical rate. Most of the information is from unreliable sources and are concocted stories meant to create a sensation. It is incredibly stressful to handle the barrage of information. By sorting the good from the bad leaves us in a state of limbo as we are unable to make decisions.

Avoid excessive exposure to information by restricting the time of consuming information at some particular time of the day and only from authentic and official sources. It will protect your mental health to some reasonable extent.