Menstrual cup pros and cons: An unbiased review

Many female athletes and travelers swear by reusable menstrual cups. Whether this alternative to the traditional absorbent paper material methods of sanitary pads and tampons is the right choice for you must be decided after a careful weighing of the pros and cons.

Read on to know more.

Let us have a look at the pros first,

Fewer cramps

Many women face issues with cramping during periods. Users of menstrual cups, however, have positively reviewed the item with respect to experiencing fewer cramps. For some individuals, the use of tampons seemed to increase cramping. Getting restricted to sanitary pads is often not the only possible solution. The cellulose-based products often laced with chemicals that irritate the vaginal walls. You can now say no to that irritating vagina itch. A menstrual cup might be a significant improvement towards a novel solution.

Better for the environment

A lot of hygiene products are thrown away every year and get dumped in the landfills. Trees get sacrificed for the making of paper-based products. With a single menstrual cup, you can be set for years and travels and scores of periods. You don’t need to worry about getting your tampon/pad brand at a remote location because you are ready.  The durable and reusable cups made of silicone, and they are not reactive to the skin and are hygienic.


The ease of use is tremendous with menstrual cups. You don’t have to change your cup every 4-6 hours unlike tampons or sanitary pads. Once set, you do not need to empty your menstrual cup before 12 hours. Wash it thoroughly after you drain the cup and re-use. So for cleaning up, all you need to do is visit the facilities just twice a day.

Better for you

The menstrual cup covers the inner wall of the vagina thereby sealing the inside of you. The menstrual discharge doesn’t come into contact with the air outside. It reduces the chances of bacterial infections and the odor problem. No more embarrassing situations. A menstrual cup is genuinely a sanitary method of dealing with the period flow.learn about the safe period calculator

Perfect for everyone

Menstrual cups are indeed for everyone. For girls with a heavy flow to the girls with low to moderate flow; there are sizes and types you can choose between to fit you perfectly. Menstrual cups are usually pre-childbirth (smaller cup) and post-childbirth (larger cup). Please be careful to make sure the variety with respect to re-usable or disposable while making a purchase.

Now for the cons,

Getting used to

It takes a bit of getting used with the insertion, removal, washing, and sterilization of the menstrual cup. The cup usually comes with an instruction manual. If you follow the instructions to the letter, you can avoid embarrassing situations.

High start-up cost

Compared to a single unit of a tampon or a sanitary pad, a high end, the reusable menstrual cup is expensive, but you will be saving a lot in the long run with this one time purchase.

Cleaning up

You will have less to clean up, be it washing or disposing of the waste tampons and pads.

Investing is menstrual cups is a good idea for a woman who likes to stay active. What are you going to be?