Modern Home Décor Ideas – go here for more info about lighting fixtures

Home décor has evolved a lot, from fireplaces and Victorian wallpapers to modern wall designs. The latest trend is the use of LED lighting for home décor. Light can be manipulated through reflection and refraction to make different shapes and patterns on walls, furniture or flooring surfaces. This makes even a simple room look luminous and bright. You may already have some idea about the creativity you want to incorporate in your house – whether it’s an industrial look with metal lights or a bright, natural feel marked by wooden lanterns. It could also be that you just want to update your old ceiling or wall lights as per the current trends in decorating homes globally. Let us help you find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the latest designs in home lighting which you can easily incorporate in your home décor to make it look newer and stylish:

 1. LED lighted furniture

LED lights are available in pretty much any shape or size that you want to use for your home décor. A new innovative design of lighting is incorporating them into the design of the furniture itself, where each leg of tables, chairs and cabinets can have built-in LED lights to make it glow with a soft glow or shine brightly. It could be something simple like this table with three ultra thin legs that also house small but powerful LEDs inside, which emit light through cutouts on the side of each leg:

You can also see this cool furniture/wall combination here, with strips following along the lines of the cabinets’ drawers. This way not only is your wall up but so is your furniture!

2. LED lights in your wardrobe

Wardrobes that use LED lighting automatically add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your bedroom, simply by the virtue of looking amazing. The designs can range from simple lines of light across the length of the wardrobe like this one:

To patterns on the inside like this diamond-shaped opening:

3. Living room décor with LED strips

LEDs are also great for adding to living rooms through wall panels or by decorating furniture and almirahs. They emit soft and cool light and leave an ultra-modern look on your walls:

4. Modern bathroom design with LED tubes

You could even use LEDs for designing your bathrooms, using them either inside cabinets or under shelves where water could fall and create a pretty and unique lighting pattern:

5. Wall-mounted lights for bedroom décor

Having wall mounted lights in bedrooms is one of the easiest ways to give them a new look without investing too much effort or money. These simple dots of light on your walls will make it look ultra modern, just like hotel rooms where such lighting decor is used (only here you can control the intensity and color of the light). You can also use small illuminating objects like these wooden balls placed under shelves to add some character to an otherwise plain looking room:

6. Kitchen design with LED panels

Kitchens are one place where you need bright and strong illumination all the time (at least if you’re into cooking!). Using LED panels or kitchen lights is a great way to do it, as these cool designs won’t make your dark and dull kitchens look brighter.

You can also use small LED strips at the back of kitchen cabinets/shelves to make them glow. These ones are especially useful if you have glass cabinets that reveal everything inside, or open shelves without any doors to cover your everyday dishes.

7. Updating light fixtures

There’s no need to buy new ceiling fans/lights once you get bored of the design in your room – simply change the accompanying lampshades with something trendier! For instance, here’s an old fan with circular bulbs surrounded by orange plastic shades which are getting replaced with white square-shaped lamps together with matching metal lampshades:

You could even use LED lights in your chandeliers to get a glamorous look for your dining room or living room!

8. Bedroom décor with small LED lights

LED strip lighting has proved to be an excellent choice for bedrooms, not just because of the light it emits but also because of the variety you can choose from. You can use different colors and shapes to create an attractive display that also goes well with your bedroom’s color theme. The simplest design is using one straight line of cool LEDs across the length/width of the wall behind your bed (but make sure there are no sharp corners or edges where someone might hurt themselves). Here’s an example:


As you’ve seen with the examples provided in this article, LED lighting can be use to decorate your home in many different ways. Whether it’s about adding them to furniture like tables and wardrobes, or simply mounting strips on walls or ceilings, be assure that they’ll always bring style into your room. They emit bright light without heating up and come in a variety of colors and options, so you only need to choose the ones that suit your personal taste and décor.