Most common women sportswear mistakes and how to avoid them

We all make fashion mistakes from time to time but the thing is that fashion is a very personal thing and most of the time, those “mistakes” don’t have to be mistakes at all. However, things are a bit different when it comes to sportswear. Essentially, there’s little forgiving room for mistakes in this particular case. After all, sportswear mistakes can actually hinder the efficiency of your workout and even make you appear disrespectful of other people in the gym. Keep on reading in order to learn the most common sportswear no-no’s so that you can successfully avoid them.

1. Sportswear that doesn’t fit you properly

It’s rather obvious why this would be a huge fashion mistake when sportswear is concerned. Unfortunately, some people still have to learn that overly tight yoga pants or, on the other hand, baggy pants and shirts, are definitely not a good choice for their workout sessions. Tight sports clothes can actually cause you pain and even issues with blood circulation. Clothing items that are too big and baggy will disrupt you as you exercise, thus lowering the efficiency of your effort. In both cases, you won’t look your best and you can end up hurting yourself.

2. Poor material choices

The quality of the material is essential when you’re choosing your sportswear. For starters, your clothes absolutely have to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Otherwise, sweating and the odor can cause discomfort for both you and the people trying to exercise around you. And if you exercise outside, your clothes should also protect you from the damaging sun rays effectively. Make sure to keep these things in mind when you look for the best women’s activewear in Australia and the rest of the world. The horror of sweat stains everywhere and see-through leggings is best avoided completely.

3. Bad hygiene

Everyone sweats as they work out and that’s perfectly normal. But, do you wash your activewear regularly? It’s essential that you have more sets of your sportswear depending on the number of times you actually exercise in a week so that you can change into a clean set for the next session and put the used clothes in a wash. Ignoring this can damage your activewear as well as your reputation at the gym – not to mention your health as skin irritations are not uncommon. Furthermore, always use an effective deodorant before your workouts. Deodorants shouldn’t prevent you from sweating but they should prevent the odor.

4. Too much makeup or perfume

In case you don’t feel comfortable enough to exercise with your bare face, that’s totally fine. You can apply minimal makeup if that will make you feel better and more confident. But applying too much makeup as if you were going out with your friends for a workout session is a fitness crime. It will bother you as you exercise, the sweat mixed with makeup can clog your pores, you can get your sportswear dirty, and, frankly, this looks rather ridiculous considering the setting. The same goes for heavy perfume and loads of it. You can spray a bit of something light and fresh, but refrain yourself from going overboard.

5. A bra that has no support

For a lady in the gym or out on the run, one of the biggest sportswear mistakes may have everything to do with her choice of bra. A sports bra has to offer proper support and be well fitted. Otherwise, it does nothing. And if you wear a loose sports bra as you exercise, you will constantly feel the discomfort of moving your chest. What’s more, an unfitted bra won’t look good with your activewear. Not to mention that even some embarrassing mishaps could happen.

Remember, it’s important to feel comfortable when you exercise. This will make your workouts more efficient and you more motivated to continue. But, never try to skimp on the quality of your sportswear. What’s more, make sure to try it on properly before you decide to purchase anything.