Multi-Featured Salesforce DX Works Best In Release Management

Salesforce already is getting used by developers for so long for app development and great release management. App developers have been designing apps for all these years with the power of this multi-featured platform only. But the competition for more apps in a shorter time, faster deployment, more collaborative work environment, better version control, and more controlled release management all brought the pressure on developers to get something better and new.

How can release management be accelerated in the existing setup?

The answer to the question came in the form of Salesforce DX, which is a splendid solution. It can help you gain great speed in deployment without having to leave your comfortable working environment. Salesforce DX works on the same platform and in the same syntax and system as Salesforce does. It’s only a pack of more features in a tool form, which can be added to the existing Salesforce software your team is using actually to punch more power into it. This enhances your workability in multiple ways and makes release management a really enjoyable project for every single app you develop.

That’s why you must know how you can make use of DX soon, and get the extra power in-app development without having to go through rigorous training and fresh understanding of anew software. Your existing knowledge only can help you get ahead in faster deployments and better production of apps when you learn to use DX in just days.

The challenges faced by startups

One of the challenges for many startups is that they have to strive and do better in a competitive market with a tough competition against many rivals. In the process budget is a constraint factor too, which restricts elaborative expenses on infrastructure and other investments in the initial days after starting the business. In this state of you are told as the entrepreneur to invest more on infrastructure change your software setup and platform, and get your team freshly trained with new software for better release management, will you be comfortable with the idea? Definitely not, because your progress and work would get stalled in this process, and you would face many issues.

Therefore one great solution to continue with release management as you keep on taking orders from the market, and also continue to deploy faster and more systematically is to get your existing platform upgraded. That is what SalesforceDX do to your existing Salesforce platform. You can get your platform upgraded with a power-packed punch of great features, which you earlier didn’t have in Salesforce. But the working style and methods all remain the same, and the programming codes and logics stay the same. With just more features added and practical solutions added to it, you can really get a great boost in organized working, much better than earlier. Salesforce DX is the perfect answer to how, without added infrastructure and a great investment, the existing platform for app development can be upgraded at a minimal cost and arrangement.

Open Source model

Salesforce DX is designed on an open source model. The platform is designed such that your efficiency gets enhanced while the tool can always be upgraded with constant research that is continued for its advancement at the backend. And the best thing about it is DX is free. Being open source it’s a free project, and anyone can use it. Still, to get this installed on your existing platform, you would need help and expert guidance. That’s why there are expert third-party services like, who can help you get DX installed, and guide you through its initial use and integration, without getting things confusing for you.

Why choose Salesforce?

Salesforce from is a great solution to get started with DX because, with it, you can get cloud-based data storage with absolute security. The authorized government cloud storage facility enjoyed by Flosum is a great reason for it to provide you with absolute data security. Even their own employees cannot access your data. Moreover, the cloud-based tool and the native version control system provided by them, which gets integrated into Salesforce DX makes it even more versatile and fun to work with.

Do you know that DX is to free you from coding?

This is really interesting about DX that it does not require you to know codes. Instead of writing lines of codes in DX, you just need to use clicks. The clicks instead of codes system is a very good reason that fetched DX this high popularity. Hence now with simple knowledge of Salesforce, you may instantly start on DX, and forget the requirement of taking any training in coding for this. Just start with clicks, and get to work faster in a systematic and organized environment.

Get the power of native release

In the process of app development, the version control system is a very important part. Better version control is provided by a native release system, which is provided by Salesforce DX integrated through Flosum. Hence when you get this combination of better version control and native release management, then your overall control in release management and lifecycle management gets better. And you can enjoy the power of native release better only when you take the service of DX integration through an advanced third-party service like Flosum.


Flosum based native release management helps in better version control, better lifecycle management, better lifecycle management, and overall better deliveries. It’s all about making your business stand up against all the odds. And this is the best possible solution, where you get ahead of all the competition, and get to work better without having to spend in infrastructure. You need no extras and just gain extras with the use of DX. To start with it get an idea of DX now, get Flosum aided DX integration now, and start quickly. The sooner you integrate DX with Salesforce, the faster you can eat up the competition with quick and organized deployments.