New Restaurants in London That You Should Not Miss Out On


Eating out in London is an experience that you should relish for a long time. Regardless the type and class of restaurants, the enjoyment of eating out in London is just one of a kind. With the cold season ringing in the festive times, it is also perhaps the best time of the year to freak out with friends and families to gorge on choicest foods and drinks.  The eating scenario in London is so encouraging that new restaurants and pubs keep cropping up now and then. Go through this article to know some new addresses of Greater London restaurants that have yet not celebrated the first anniversary.

Arthur Hooper’s         

There is a new restaurant on Stoney Street just at a stone’s throw distance from the historic Borough Market that has become a favourite joint for those who want to relax and unwind while enjoying plenty of vegetarian dishes. Named after Arthur Hooper, the greengrocer who once owned the place, the restaurant seems to do complete justice to the legacy that it has inherited.  The ingredients and flavours, sourced from local resources add freshness and nutritious appeal to the menu. Pork and fennel ragu fettuccine, samphire and almond salad together with ‘nduja and turnip tops and burrata are some of the dishes that are the pride of the newly opened restaurant.

Coal Rooms

As you move out of Peckham Rye station of South East London, you can hardly miss the sight of Coal Rooms the new small plates joint that has come up in the old ticket office. As you cross the kitchen counter, you enter into a clean dining room decorated with Japanese and Scandinavian furniture and drapery plants that give the cool place even more tranquil looks. The menu is a balanced presentation of foods from across the continents and from modern American fare to fusion dishes across the globe; you get it all at a single place. Choose between a garlicky Italian dip Bagna Cauda and shrimp with buttermilk or grits with pickled jalapenos.


Behind Peckham’s Old Spike Roastery, there is a sparkling new restaurant Aside that offers much more than the excellent food and flavours that have made the small plates joint a favourite among food lovers. The restaurant has a lovely ambience as swathes of lightwood create a beautiful room with an open kitchen counter and designer tables with little shelves underneath.  Modern European small plates are the staple of the menu that is just fantastic.

Bosi at Bibendum

The Michelin star restaurant at Chelsea on the first floor of the iconic Michelin building is a place to entertain guests and family for a grown-up dinner. To experience one of the best offerings in French fine dining by master chef Claude Bosi, you have to be at Bibendum. However, be ready to spend £85 for three courses, and the cheapest bottle of vino could cost you £40 that reflects the status of the two Michelin stars that the restaurant flaunts.

Author bio: Bill Laurent is a food connoisseur who takes part in reviewing restaurants for some leading online food guide websites. Besides loving food, Bill is madly in love with photography too. He enjoys a close association with National Geographic to pursue his photographic interests.