New Study Reveals Penicillin Allergy Not As Common as Thought

Millions of Americans were of the thought that they were allergic to penicillin. However, according to a new study, they are not allergic to it. The belief that most Americans suffered from penicillin allergy. It was responsible for adding millions of dollars to healthcare. It also resulted in unwanted side effects from antibiotics that are far too powerful, as stated by the researchers. Penicillin is a drug and has the capability of treating several infections. However, to prescribe penicillin, it is important to make people understand that they are not allergic to this life-saving drug.

It also added to the danger associated with creating the deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

What the study revealed

An eminent clinical associate professor at the University Of Georgia College Of Pharmacy in Atlanta, Christopher Bland, stated that around 30 million Americans are of the thought that they are allergic to the life-saving drug but in reality, they are not. One simple questionnaire or even penicillin skin test can help in determining whether any person is allergic to this drug or not.

Christopher revealed that in most of the instances, they did not have to perform a skin test because only the questionnaire worked. It discovered that what most of the patients’ think of as an allergic reaction is a mild side effect. It happened once, and there is no chance that it is going to happen again. Patients have stated that they become nauseated or dizzy after consuming it. They even said that their father showed allergies with penicillin. Therefore, they thought that they were also allergic.

However, it is important to understand that people who had allergic reactions to this drug years back are now safe. After 5 years, 50% of the people who had allergies with it did not show any signs anymore. Christopher further stated that they were able to reduce the number of people who thought that they had a penicillin allergy. It was almost 20% only by having a conversation with them with the help of the questionnaire.

For a few other patients, penicillin allergy tests could be given along with updated medical records, if they found it necessary. In one of the recent issues of the Open Forum Infectious Diseases Journal, it was reported that the tests were performed by trained nurses and around 98 of the 100 patients, who stated that they have a penicillin allergy, it was discovered that they had no allergies when consuming it.

Penicillin- one of the most effective drugs

It is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective drugs and it is not as expensive as the other drugs. Christopher stated that his entire team is on an important mission. Their goal is to question and reconcile all the penicillin allergies. This will help the patients to get the ideal antibiotics for their infections, which is going to be penicillin, most of the time.

In conclusion, Penicillin is one of the most effective antibiotics that are used for treating most of the infections. If it can be properly revealed that people do not get penicillin allergies, the antibiotic can be used for treating infections and saving many lives.