People in the U.S.A Are Watching Popular Web Series While in Quarantine

Since time immemorial humans popular have been seeking comfort, solace, inspiration, and also hope from art. This is what keeps everyone going. The most popular art form has been films that have kept millions of people across the globe entertained during the past century. However, with the emergence and also phenomenal popularity of online entertainment platforms, web series currently seem to reflect that we have come a long way as a society. During the coronavirus lockdown, numerous people in the United States and also other nations across the globe have turned to some amazing web series to keep them entertained and also mentally occupied to steer clear of COVID-19 depression and also anxiety.

As per, one-third of the global population has been living in lockdown thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, looking for motivation, hope, inspiration, and also perfect ways to connect. Moreover, people have been watching these amazing web series as they were bored stiff of following the news. Here are some phenomenally popular shows to watch while in quarantine or lockdown to uplift your mood. 

Tiger King

Tiger King on Netflix seems to be truly exotic and has been hugely popular. It is bizarre, wild, and also well-made. The series is able to capture brilliantly the hostility between Carole Baskins, a noted cat conservationist, and Joe Exotic who happens to be eccentric and also owns unusual pets. This is incredibly entertaining for everybody who wants to keep themselves occupied during the quarantine or lockdown. 

Home before Dark

Home Before Dark is a popular American mystery web television series that has been produced keeping Apple TV+ on the mind. This drama series is based on the intriguing life of Hilde Lysiak, a young journalist who hails from a big city. However, she happens to move to a pretty small lakeside town. It was here that her dad once lived. In this small city, she discovers clues relevant to an unsolved case that everybody including her dad tried to bury.

The Innocence Files

The Innocence Files is Netflix’s amazing series starring the dashing Jequan Jackson. This must be regarded as essentially a crime documentary that has been based on a plethora of wrongful and also unfair convictions that have been unveiled by the Innocence Network. These episodes are of one-hour duration and it brings to light the injustice meted out to the accused and inflicted on victims.


Unorthodox is supposed to be a famous German-American drama that is available on Netflix as a miniseries. It is a tale about an ultra-orthodox young Jewish woman. The story is about how she decides to run away from her religious community and arranged marriage for starting a brand new life abroad. It is based loosely on ‘Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots’, the 2012 autobiography of Deborah Feldman 

Money Heist

Money Heist is supposed to be a Spanish television drama based on a couple of perfect robberies in the history of Spain headed by the Professor. Part1 and Part 2 are incredibly interesting and are about the money heist conducted on the “Royal Mint of Spain”. Part 3 and Part 4 are based mainly on the Bank of Spain heist conducted by them. This highly popular and phenomenally successful series was started initially as a series with two parts but Netflix came up with a remarkably bigger budget to renew the series. 

Keep watching these amazing web series to boost your mood and to tone down the anxiety and worries about COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy!