Personal Injury 101: Things You Should Know Before Staking A Claim

Have you been hurt due to the negligence of an individual? Was it a work-related accident or an automobile accident? Did you know you can sue the individual or a company for the compensation? This is your chance to seek refuge and aid when the medical expenses go up, and you suffer the terrible loss of bodily functions.

To deal with all your injury claims and fight for your rights, all you need is an expert personal injury attorney. Discuss the details of your case at the O’Brien & Ford in Buffalo, NY. In the following sections of the article, we have carefully gone over all the necessary information regarding personal injury and how to go about staking a claim.

Personal Injury 101
Personal Injury 101

A brief introduction to personal injury

Before the personal injury claim, comes the reality of what it is. According to the law, personal injury only refers to acute injury or distress concerning the mind, emotions, and body of an individual. This is not the common injury to property type case which might involve your house or the car. But the general rule remains the same.

If the negligence of a third-party caused the personal injury, you have the right to press charges against the individual. If the negligence has resulted in death, however unfortunate that is, the next of kin has the right to make a claim.

Before you claim, you need proof

Yes, you do need to state the incident to the insurance company. But if you think that just a general statement will catalyze the chain reaction that will ultimately lead to a favorable outcome, then you are wrong. You need solid proof, as they say, along with your claim.

There has to be a person or a firm that caused the negligence. There is no way to get a claim ready if your injury was your own mistake. Make sure you are calm enough to have sorted through the memories before you pick up the phone to dial your attorney.

About the accused

It is better to prepare before going out on all-out-attack. Personal injuries can often turn out to be severe and debilitating. Sometimes individuals remain confused for a few days, and this can lead to blaming the incident on an innocent. Since a certain degree of psychological disturbance is associated with personal injury cases, it is an excellent idea to approach a solicitor for better management of the case.

The claim is subject to time restrictions

Claims have a time limit, and this means the court procedure needs initiation within a mandated 3-year period since the date of the accident/injury. There are various cases where the mandated period is even lower, so consult your legal help as soon as possible.

All in for a successful claim

The magic is in the details; this fact has always been right in every sphere of life. You need to go over all the details carefully with your injury attorney. Remain alert and careful never to miss a single fact; the how, what, and the when of the incident, the location and the people involved. Inform your lawyer about witnesses to the event, if any.

Your attorney is your guide and counsel, but you need to do your part as well if you want a successful resolution of your claim. Makes sure you do it right. All the best!