Poor Social Distancing in the US amid the Corona Pandemic

Social distancing drops considerably in the US amid corona lockdown, as more Americans are going outside in the recent weeks. The number of US citizens, who claim they are following social distancing norms are still high if you go by the figures, but have dipped considerably by at least 17 percent since the last week of March, based on the findings of a new Gallup survey released, of late.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.in, anxiety, depression, and also agoraphobia are a couple of mental health hazards people could face due to long-term social distancing, as per therapists.

The drop in social distancing is not simply from those people dining at restaurants, visiting community parks, or getting a cool haircut at a salon. Even people in the US states who were following stay-at-home restraints are not adhering to social distancing.

What the poll indicates

According to the poll, 58 percent of US citizens cited that they’re fully or mostly following social distancing, which has dropped significantly from 75 percent of Americans, who mentioned they were isolating themselves from March 30 until April 4, and 68 percent of the US citizens during April 20 to April 26.

The consistent drop in isolation returns the figures to the level before most US states employed state-at-home rules in March to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Reopening economies

Data indicates that many US states including Florida, Georgia, and also Texas, all ended stay-at-home guidelines and also began to reopen stores. The US President Trump has exceedingly hoped for his re-election with the opening of the country’s economy, which included offering his blessings to the protestors, who wanted the end of their state’s stay-at-home orders.

As of May 4, out of the 21 states were lacking as far as stay-at-home rules are concerned. Then, 51 percent of the poll participants were fully or majorly social distancing, which dipped from 64 percent in those states 14 days ago.

States that followed social distancing

Those US states that followed and also adhered to stay-at-home orders and also social distancing are California, New York, as well as Massachusetts. The divide of the citizens when it comes to isolation has dipped to 64 percent, in comparison to 71 percent from April 20 to April 26.

Numerous factors are leading to behavioral changes in states concerning social distancing. These include the political reasons that occurred due to resistance and protests, social distancing boredom and fatigue, and new incentives for the American people to resume work and other activities irrespective of lockdown restrictions.

Number of COVID cases flattening

Social distancing also took a backseat with the number of daily fatalities and confirmed COVID-19 cases began to flatten, though the number of deaths crossing 85,000. Again, a couple of experts foresee that it could reach up to another 60,000 corona-related deaths by August.

Final thoughts

It seems that the people of America are gradually mustering courage about defying social distancing. They’re going out than they used to do a few months back, witnessing what all has occurred in the course of the corona epidemic.