Preschoolers Set Up a Cocoa Stand to Raise $10,000 for a Classmate Plagued with Cancer

The love and hard work of a group of preschoolers are winning the hearts of people, not because these kids are selling hot cocoa but for raise funds with the money for a classmate fighting cancer. The four-year-old kid Jasper Mazzocco was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer type in 2019. The child was out of his school and hospitalized for treatment. Then, his classmates never ceased to think about Jasper, who also studied at Redding Cooperative Preschool, California.

The group of preschoolers missed and talked about Jasper daily, according to Becky Haskins, mother of one of the preschooler kids as well as a fundraiser organizer. She commented that Jasper is the sweetest kid she has seen, as well as his family.

In the last week, the group of preschoolers set up a hot cocoa stand to help Jasper’s family raise money for their son’s treatment. The assistance from the kid’s parents, community, and local stores helped these preschoolers raise more than $10,000. All these people want to help Jasper in the best possible way they can, Haskins cited. She also said it was the most memorable day of her life.

Community stood up to help Jasper

Becky Haskins cited that her daughter suggested they would sell lemonade to raise funds for Jasper, however, with the cold, chilly climate; she finally opted to set up a hot cocoa stand. The local trader Joe’s offered water bottles and space, Dick’s Sporting Goods provided chairs and tables, and Starbucks and Costco donated baked stuff. At least three Starbucks staff did their best to provide hot water for making the cocoa.

Jessica Stephens, Jasper’s teacher at the school said that a couple of individuals stopped by the cocoa stand, and were cancer patients themselves. These people shared their stories about the battle they fought with the deadly disease cancer, as well as those who lost their loved ones plagued with the ailment in the way. Jessica was emotional and cited that many people shed their tears in the six hours and helping Jasper is the most beautiful thing to happen.

Revival from brain surgery

Shelby, who is Jasper’s mother, told CNN that her kiddo will have his brain surgery on Monday, and she hopes everything will sail smoothly. Once that happens, Jasper will go for treatment in the coming week. During this time, friends and loved ones are checking in the hospital.

It is so sweet to know that his friends and classmates miss Jasper and his family the same way they miss these kids, Jasper’s mother commented. Jasper was talking to his friends on the phone. Jasper said, Hi to all and sang his beautiful preschool song with his friends.

Shelby said that Jasper cannot see currently but said that her kiddo is listening to what she reads from the cards sent by his friends. Jasper is also listening to the audios and videos. Shelby also added that her little bundle of joy is showing his love for his toys and telling numerous jokes daily.

Final thoughts

Besides the fundraiser from the cocoa stand, over 350 volunteers raised more than $30,000 on the platform GoFundMe for Jasper’s treatment.