President Trump Insists on Reopening Schools This Fall amid Corona Pandemic

Though President Trump insists on reopening schools, this fall, Dr. Anthony Fauci could not come up with a satisfactory answer while addressing senators that it’s not possible to provide an easy reply concerning the reopening schools this fall. Trump thinks that schools should be reopened during a meeting with North Dakota and also Colorado governors, at the White House. Trump cited that he does not think that the US will revive the pandemic if schools stay shut for an indefinite time.

According to an article published on, 48 states in the US have suggested shutting schools for this academic year due to the corona crisis.

Trump’s comments came after Fauci’s

Trump’s comments on school reopening came after a senate committee meeting, where Fauci provided a much barren perspective of the corona pandemic than what has been provided by the US President. Trump is keen on reopening portions of public life on Wednesday. Mike Pence, VP, articulated in a video conference addressing over a dozen University stalwarts about bringing students back on educational campuses in the country.

However, Fauci provided a more watchful perspective as to whether the present conditions are favorable when it comes to reopening schools this fall. Fauci mentioned that he has no easy answer to reopening schools. Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and also Infectious Disease, says that things should be considered gradually, stepwise, to reopen schools this fall, considering the severity as well as the dynamics of the corona pandemic.

What health officials think

According to health officials, it is imperative to make students feel safe when they return to school. It is only feasible through meticulous and extensive testing to isolate candidates who’re infected with COVID-19. It is also important to follow social distancing religiously.

Again, Lammar Alexander, Tennessee Senator is also pondered about reopening as well as business centers, saying that testing is not at its right level to assure students to boost their confidence and also the faculty members to return to the campus of the University of Tennessee in a few months, most probably August.

Alexander also discussed the necessity of testing technologies that could be improved significantly, like the lollipop sponge, which lights up if a candidate tests positive.

Trump shocked after hearing what Fauci said

The President expressed shock to journalists after what he heard Fauci said. According to Trump, it is not a satisfactory answer as far as reopening schools is concerned. In simple words, the US President completely disagrees with Fauci’s reluctance or indecision in reopening schools.

Schools should reopen to get the country moving

Schools must reopen; Trump firmly believes to make US return to normalcy. Then, we need to do it safely but as soon as possible without delay. According to him, we cannot keep schools and educational institutions shut for an indefinite period.

Among the subjects, the university leaders discussed, the focus was also on opening and also managing research laboratories in the country to continue research on COVID-19, tracing, and testing. It is important to reopen schools and also businesses until the pandemic is gone for good.