Questions to Ask Memory Care Facilities During a Tour

Memory care is a kind of long-term care service. That is provided to people with Alzheimer’s illness, dementia. And also other such memory-related health problems. It’s not easy to find a residential care unit for anyone, and also getting the right kind of Alzheimer’s units near you can be even more challenging. However, don’t worry about this. With the correct approach, you can identify the best suitable choice for your needs without much difficulty. For that, you will need to prepare a checklist of questions to ask the memory care facilities and also get an insight into their workings.

Begin with the basic questions

You can keep your initial questions general while beginning a conversation. Here are some examples:

  • What type of dementia patients are allowed to live in the facility?
  • What situations can lead to the removal of a patient from the facility?
  • How are the health check-ups for residents done and also at what gap of time?
  • Is there any specific care plan for a resident?
  • What kind of daily living activities are supported in the facility?

Move to the facility-specific questions

After asking a few fundamental but vital questions, you can focus your attention on the kind of arrangements the facilities have in place for their residents. You may want to know –

  • Whether the facility offers assisted living or continuing care retirement community services?
  • Where is the memory care section located on the premises and also how many such floors are there?
  • Does the facility have a private or shared room for the resident?
  • Does it contain a circular path or outdoor area where patients can walk?

Find out about safety, comfort, and other such features

After having an overall view of the facility, you can come down to more specific questions to verify their safety, security, and also comfort measures. Here are a few considerations that you would need to make.

  • Are the hallways and also common areas adequately lit?
  • Are there non-slippery surfaces in rooms and also bathrooms?
  • How are residents they don’t exit the facility?
  • Do doors and also rooms feature adequate words and also pictures for residents to understand where they are going?

At the same time, you may want to observe the kind of colors and also patterns. And also the overall cleanliness and also peacefulness there.

Ask staff members a few questions

Along with going through the structure of the memory care facilities and also their arrangements, you need to converse with their staff to understand how capable and also efficient they are in handling patients with the case history of dementia and also other such problems. Find out the following things:

  • How trained are they to manage dementia patients?
  • How observant are they about residents?
  • Do they know their names, backgrounds, and also personalities?
  • Are they attentive to patients’ needs?
  • To the number of residents?
  • What do they do to control aggression, mood swings, and also other such behavior of their patients?
  • What policies do they follow when it comes to using physical or chemical restraints?
  • And also what do they do where a special diet is required?
  • Is it a pet-friendly facility?
  • What are the recreation and also exercise plans for the residents?

These are some details that you cannot afford to miss out on while looking for the right memory care home for your loved one. If you can collect some more questions, make sure to add them to your list. It will only strengthen your search.