Questions to Ask Senior Living Communities During a Tour

No matter you are looking for an assisted living facility for your loved one or acquaintance or yourself for that matter, the selection process can be quite stressful and also confusing. Today assisted living communities are available in plenty and also in different price ranges to cater to the variegated needs of the people. Do not take any hasty decisions here; after all; it is about your or your loved one’s health. At the time of touring such assisted living communities, you should always be prepared to ask them a couple of questions that will help you in determining which will be the right pick.

  • Ask About the Services Available- First and foremost, it is vital in knowing the difference between a nursing home and assisted living facilities. While choosing assisted living facilities to ensure the services that they offer. There are some that offer only specialized care such as dementia care home facilities. Do not make any assumptions regarding the services they offer. It is always best to ask and inquire about it beforehand.
  • Questions Regarding Staff- Always ask about the experience and certification of the staff and the total number of staff that is available on duty every shift. Also, inquire about the doctors whether they are available round the clock or onsite. 

Living In An Assisted

  • Questions Concerning Medication- People living in an assisted living facility takes various forms of medication. So, it is wise in enquiring about how they monitor as well as administer such medication schedules. It is important to know whether the patient is allowed in keeping the medicines in their personal units or are kept centrally.
  • Questions Concerning Meals- Always ask about the schedule and meal plan. Can the patient have his/her meal anywhere or only in designated areas? Also, ask about the flexibility of the schedule and how to do they take care of special dietary needs. 
  • Questions Concerning Non-Medical Services- Most importantly, also ask about the non-medical services that they offer. At times there are optical and dental services accessible on a permanent basis or a scheduled basis. At times senior living facilities also offer luxury retirement facilities such as barber services or hair salons. Also, ask whether they offer transportation services and on which grounds.
  • Questions Concerning Physical Activity and Social Interaction- Ask the communities as to whether they offer any physical activities and social interaction services. Those that offer these services will be a good choice.

Management Process

Apart from the questions mentioned above also ensure to ask about their management process, level of safety, administration policies, monthly fees, security deposit, and also others. Shifting to assisted living communities may be an overwhelming process as this is a vital decision with multiple variables involved. Sound, good, and also logical decisions always rest on facts. Making the right comparison of services coupled with asking the essential questions will work wonders in helping you gather facts. Here the key idea is to make the patient feel comfortable along with getting the required care. So next time you look for assisted living facilities near you, you know what questions to ask right? Good Luck!!!