Ram Duriseti explains why meditation is necessary to calm your pandemic worries

Ram Duriseti the importance of meditation has increased considerably during the COVID-19 outbreak. Indeed, meditation is not a silver bullet cure for your anxiety during a pandemic. You do not need to sugarcoat it, but it is the hard reality you have to accept. It does not mean that if you are meditating, you take away the uncertainty of the pandemic. Instead, it implies that even amidst uncertainty, you will be able to relax if you meditate. It makes you feel more confident that fear and change might come and go, but if you relax and also take a deep breath, you can handle anxiety better.

Ram Duriseti propounds on how meditation can bring about mind upliftment during a pandemic

Many people are experiencing wild and vivid dreams making them developing sleep disorders. You can overcome this by giving a few minutes every day to a quick session of meditation. To understand why you have scary thoughts, you need to realize that it is the culmination of your life and trauma that disturbs you mentally, leading to these dreams. You might feel jarred to have such thoughts, but it is a sign of a healthy mind and body. So do not feel choked and get worried; instead, calm your impulses. 

How to practice mindfulness through meditation?

You first need to understand that meditation is not about controlling your mind, but rather about understanding your physical sensations. You do not have to breathe in a particular manner when meditating, but instead, you have to take your attention from your surroundings and focus on your breathing patterns. Meditation is more about familiarization with what’s inside your mind and body. If you meditate properly, you can understand how you feel within your soul. 

By mastering activities to increase mindfulness, you can become a pro of this game-changing skill. Your rhythmic breathing patterns would make you aware of the cacophony that is going on within you. Only when you can control your mind, you can devise ways to control things around you.  

Charity- a form of meditation to improve self-happiness 

You may feel better by helping others. It will also prevent you from drowning in the black hole of self-obsession. You do not have to spend all your fortune to feel rewarding. You can even do your part to light up the inner goodness. You can feed animals to bring out your best characteristics as an animal lover. 

During a pandemic helping others is a perfect form of keeping yourself happy. You can give joy to others to enliven your life. The epidemic can help you become a better person if you come into account with your inner goodness. 

Regular mediation is indeed quite effective in clearing up the information build-up. Ram Duriseti opines that meditation helps to train your mind to develop a fresh outlook in different situations. After increasing self-awareness, you can even train your brain to develop new skills to manage stress effectively. Instead of overthinking about your future during the pandemic, try to take grasp of your present situation. Focus on your present, and do not let your mind develop negative emotions. Meditation exercises can also help you increase your creativity and also become more tolerant of your external environment.