Reasons You Need Fire Pit Covers And Things To Look For

If your fire pit is missing a cover, chances are you will miss it when you need it the most. Therefore, you should get out and buy one if you really want to save your pit from damages.

When you consider fire pit covers, it is about two different types of accessories that you will need to focus on:

  • One is the safety screens or spark screen covers that are made from a mesh or stainless-steel material and
  • The second is the metal fire fit snuffer covers or copper fire pit covers that looks like a pot lid that is coated with heat-resistant paint.

You will also come across other different types of fire pit covers as well that are specifically used for the purpose of putting out the fire in your outdoor fireplace or patio heaters. In addition to that, you will also get firepit cover made up of fabric or vinyl material that is specifically used to protect the entire unit.

Choosing a fire pit cover

While choosing a fire pit cover, you must look at only those covers that will provide full protection. Apart from the safety aspects, you should also consider the looks, material, durability, and other aspects so that you get long years of service.

  • Make sure that you examine the workmanship and fabric carefully.
  • Look for material that is durable and weather-resistant such as plastic, vinyl or any other outdoor fabric.

Make sure that the cover has vents and is breathable so that condensation of moisture is prevented.

Consider weather conditions

Experts suggest that you should also consider the weather conditions in the area you live in while choosing fabric for your firepit cover. This will protect your firepit from potential damages that may be caused by different elements such as:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Hail
  • Rain
  • Insects
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Wind and
  • Sun

Since your fire pit is stationary, it will be most vulnerable to these elements and accumulate it constantly, all year round causing a great deal of probable wear and tear. It is for this reason you should avoid cheap fabrics for your fire pit cover as those may be subject to tearing or ripping off.

Things to examine

When you have chosen a fabric, look for a few other things in the fire pit cover, such as the seams. Check for the stitching so that there are no gaps or small holes in it. It should not be loose either.

Also, make sure that you choose an adjustable cover so that it fits in well with the feature of the pit you have. Measure the height and width of the cover carefully and add at least six inches to it if you are buying adjustable closures.

Remember, it is only a good, solid, tight, and tailored fit fire pit that will protect the unit from all possible environmental threats. If you find any of these things missing during your inspection, pass that cover by and look for a different one.

Lastly, make sure that the cover is easy to use.