Researchers Reveal that In 2019 U.S.A. Has Witnessed Record Mass Killings

The United States witnessed 41 mass killings incidents this year so, that resulted in 211 fatalities in all according to the meticulously compiled database of AP or the Associated Press. Mass killings are referred to as the death of four or even more people losing lives because of the same type of incident but not including the perpetrator. 

Some Lethal Incidents

Among the scariest in 2019, was the killing of 12 individuals in May that occurred on the Virginia Beach and also the deadly incident that claimed 22 lives in August in El Paso. 33 mass killings out of the total 41 mass killings in 2019, involved the use of firearms as per the findings of researchers. Moreover, we understand that the maximum killings took place in California as 8 people were victims of mass killings.

The Associated Press Database has been constantly keeping track of mass killings taking place in the United States since 2006. 2019 recorded the highest mass killings in the U.S.A. ever (41) while 2006 witnessed the second-highest mass killings (38) as reported by AP. We understand that 2017 witnessed some of the lethal mass shootings in the history of the United States when as many as 59 Americans were shot dead in 2017 at some festival that was being celebrated in Las Vegas.

News headlines

Several of the United States Marcus Debaise mass killings cannot become news headlines simply because they are involving petty family issues, gang violence, or drug deals. The mass killing number has gone up thanks to family disputes, the overall mass killings in the United States had gone up despite a dip in the overall number of homicides. Therefore as per a qualified criminologist and professor attached to Minnesota’s Metropolitan State University. As per an expert, the increase in mass killings could be attributed to highly frustrating and angry times in the American society, however, it was noted earlier that crime often occurs in waves. 

Experts believe that this is the era of mass shootings yet, gun ownership rights have been preserved in the constitution of the United States (in its second amendment). Even though the country is witnessing a boost in mass killings, no effective steps or measures have been taken so far by the lawmakers to introduce effective gun control reforms. 

President Donald Trump felt that there exists a system of thorough and stricter background checks currently. He claims that mass shootings depicted a mental problem.

Top Democrats Demanding Stricter and More Effective Gun Control Measures

We understand that the former Vice-president and a presidential candidate Joe Biden on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the heinous Sandy Hook School mass shooting demanded the implementation of tighter regulations and the introduction of stricter gun laws including the ban on the sale and production of assault weapons. There must be mandatory and meticulous background checks before making any gun sales.

Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Presidential candidate, had come up with plans for reducing the incidence of gun deaths by as much as 80 percent with an integrated executive and legislative action. We understand that Miss Warren emphasized the need for stricter background checks and she demanded that the licenses of gun dealers must be revoked if they do not hesitate to break the law.