Saivian Eric Dalius Explains Why Mindful Leadership Practice Is Considered Good For Business

Do you look upon yourself as an attentive leader? If yes, then you would know how to balance out your heedful leadership skills and use them for the benefit of your business. Yet, you are finding it hard to look for a place to start. Every person knows where to look for that starting point. It’s just that they are not aware of it. Saivian Eric Dalius says Start by emphasizing human dignity. It will always remind you that your employees are human if you look upon human dignity as the starting point of your leadership practice. Treating them with honor and respect will not only do good to your business but also will do good to you and your employees. 

Respect your employees as people

An employee is not a different entity. It cannot be separated to form a different category other than being a person. Every person, who is working for you, shares the same struggles of life, shows the same emotion of being happy and sad – just like any other living person. One cannot shed all these when they come to work. We cannot expect our employees to forget everything once they step inside the office. These emotions are what govern their work productivity. So, if you are a careful leader, you must recognize and respect the innate humanity in all of your workers. 

Saivian Eric Dalius suggests creating a space where everyone treats the human qualities of others with respect

A workspace that gives value and honor to the intrinsic human qualities and respects their singularity as human beings, is what every employee desires. But only acknowledging the fact will not do enough good. Saivian Eric Dalius believes that we have to actively promote a work culture that would motivate the employees to bring their actual selves to work. All the workers should treat each other the same way they want to be treated by others. That would create a welcoming environment where everybody would be willing to work and give their best. 

You can benefit in your business from your life lessons- so says Saivian Eric Dalius

Maintaining both personal and professional life requires skills. But what Saivian Eric Dalius has observed is that some set skills can be applied for the betterment of both. To maintain a good relationship with our partner we need to understand that person, grow accordingly, and if needed, change some of our perspectives as well. The same thing can be done on the professional front. Even though you may be the leader, you must have an open mind to learn for others. Listen to what everyone has to say. That would give you an insight into the various aspects you need to work upon to take your business to the next level.


We cannot divide ourselves into two halves – one to attend to the personal problems and the other to cope up as a working professional. Everyone has to understand that – even the leaders. Such an understanding builds up trust among the employees. They would know that they have someone to talk to or seek help from in the time of need. Only then they would evolve to become a good and efficient employee that any business leader would desire to have.