Sarahbeth Hartlage Elucidates on Managing Anxiety amid the Corona Crisis and Quarantine Period

Sarahbeth Hartlage says since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in March 2020, a lot has been said about physical wellbeing and not mental health. Then, people have emotional issues to deal with amid the pandemic. There are concerns as to how do I manage work and domestic chores at the same time, how do I keep my job safe, and how to apply for government relief schemes.

All such thoughts build up on your anxiety. At these times, anxiety and depression start to take a toll on your mental health. According to an article on BBC, you need to restrict listening to the news and watch out what you read.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the ways you can manage anxiety amid the corona crisis and quarantine period. Read on to learn more.

Sarahbeth Hartlage wants you to know that stress is natural now

We are living in a troubled time and it is normal to feel stressed. Therefore, if you’re too worked up with something amid the pandemic, just relax. It is normal at these times and everyone is dealing with social isolation, staying indoors for months, without going out much. If you feel depressed or have feelings of anxiety, remember it is a natural response, according to medical professionals. It is okay, but what matters the most is not letting your anxiety or depression get the better of you to affect your mental wellbeing. Feeling anxious or depressed is not a good thing to feel, but it is natural considering so many uncertainties prevailing amid the pandemic.

Find time for some relaxation

Sarahbeth Hartlage finds time to relax and she expects all of us to follow suit to deal with the corona crisis. Though it may seem some sort of luxury amid the pandemic, it is essential to stay mentally happy. Staying relaxed does not mean you go out in a crowd and visit amusement parks in town. You can unwind and beat the stress at home as well. You need to think of ways to release the anxiety and stress. Even when you are working remotely, find time out for listening to soulful music or do some gardening. Both of these activities are quite uplifting and help you to improve your mental state.

You can even sit alone in your room, practice deep breathing, or have a relaxing bath for half an hour with aromatic or essential oils to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Do not stick to old methods

When the corona crisis has disrupted lives, it’s not the way we can live normally as we did previously. Therefore, set some reasonable ways to make your life comfortable. Stop judging you and the others at these troubled times. Stop complaining about the fact that you used to go shopping every weekend before the corona crisis and now you have stopped doing so. Remember that you are living in the new normal and learn to adapt to the same.


Now that you have these ideas to manage anxiety, it will help you live happily and deal with mental stress at these troubled times. Try these methods and you will benefit.