Saving Your Startup Business from Bankruptcy by Opting for Debt Consolidation Loans

According to, 75% of the capital for startups comes from bank loans, credit cards, lines of credits, etc. Starting a business requires a lot of innovation and a combination of brilliant strategies. It may sound impressive but executing all the ideas for the business is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs start from nothing and they also have little or no funds at all for helping their business to stand in a steady manner. Opting for a business loan is the only option that the startup businesses have right at the beginning of their business. It has been observed that most of the businesses completely forget about clearing business loans when they start getting engrossed with the different business aspects. However, this is something that should be avoided because a business can to go through several problems if the loans are not paid on time.

In order to keep the business secured, the owners of the startup organizations prefer gathering money from numerous sources. This also means that the owners need to concentrate on clearing the loans of the multiple creditors. For paying back the loans, they also have to monitor their business closely so that it generates enough revenues for clearing the loan amounts. However, it is not easy for a startup owner to take care of both sides. It can be extremely frustrating and often the owners can lose their objective and strategies. This is something that has forced the startup businesses to wonder if there is a better strategy of managing all the business loans. Bargaining with your creditors or trying to negotiate a deal will not help in reducing your interest rates. However, you need not lose hope as it is always a good idea to opt for the debt consolidation loans.

Knowing what a debt consolidation loan is

Debt consolidation is the unique process of opting for a loan in order to clear off the other existing debt amounts. A debt consolidation loan is known to have a low-interest rate. After the multiple credit lines are combined, a business owner need not get anxious or worried about arranging money for the different loan payments at different intervals. You will only have to concentrate on making one payment and you are going to be absolutely sorted. You can consolidate your debt with the help of

Factors to consider

Before you finalize your decision about opting for the debt consolidation loans, it is important that you consider certain significant factors to understand if a debt consolidation loan is appropriate for your startup venture. Given below is a list of the factors that you need to keep in mind.

  • You not only have to understand but also acknowledge that even when you are consolidating your startup loans, you cannot skip paying your loan amount. Moreover, you have not successfully cleared your loan, you have reduced your monthly payments, which is not only going to provide mental peace but will also allow you to plan the business finances in a smart and clever manner.
  • When a startup business is not capable of clearing the loans within the stated time, the creditors are going to call the owners constantly for demanding the payments. It is crucial that you consider the total income of your startup and the expenses and try to control your expenditure, and plan on saving money at the end of every month. You will also be able to keep your focus fixed on the other important startup aspects, which will help in increasing the sales.
  • Ensure that you are not opening up new credit lines or your startup will be stuck in the never-ending cycle of unwanted debts. This is why you should check your income sources and observe as to how you will be able to keep all the expenses in your control.

How to consolidate the business debts

The first and most important thing that you need to take care is being completely sure that a debt consolidation loan is exactly what your business requires. You need to start your search by looking for the ideal debt consolidation organizations and then shortlist the ones, which you think will be perfect for your business requirements. After a lot of consideration, you should finalize an organization and this particular organization will be consolidating all the business loans that you have into a single one and will negotiate new loans on behalf of your startup. The consolidation organization will control the payments, which your startup owes to the previous creditors. As soon as the debt consolidation loan has been approved by the organization, you are not going to receive the calls from the creditors.

You also must have enough knowledge about the two different types of debt consolidation loans, which include the secured and unsecured debt consolidation loans. The secured debt consolidation loans require collaterals and also have low rates of interest. On the other hand, the unsecured debt consolidation loans do not require the security deposits but are known to have high rates of interest. If you have proper control over the startup finances, you can go for the secured debt consolidation loans but if the startup is in financial trouble, choosing the unsecured debt consolidation loans is the best option.

There is no denying the fact that unforeseen circumstances can keep popping up within a particular business. It is not an easy task to deal with them especially when the business is going through a huge financial crisis. However, the debt consolidation loans can definitely help. Conduct research before you are selecting a particular organization for consolidating the business loans. Do not just end up selecting any company; select a company that has the experience of handling the startups. You have to know that startups are not similar to established organizations and the requirements are completely different.


Before you are signing an agreement and finalizing an organization, you have to go through various customer testimonials as well as reviews. If required, you can also consider other options like financial counseling. Only a counseling organization will be able to state if debt consolidation is perfect for your startup.