Secrets Your Grandma Knew About Home Decor and You Don’t

Home decor isn’t just a new trend; it’s how people express themselves. In the following article, we have collected some timeless tricks from your grandparent’s home storage, which can spice up your interior in no time!

Here are some Secrets Your Grandma Knew about Home Decor and You Don’t:

  • Use the wire from toilet paper rolls to organize and de-clutter cords and cables behind your TV.
  • Chopsticks make an excellent tool for opening stubborn packaging if you can’t open your package, like a new appliance box, don’t get frustrated. Use the rubber end of the chopstick and run it along all edges to cut through the tape and cardboard. Then simply pull out what you need!
  • Use aluminum foil when storing food in plastic containers and bags when storing leftovers or other foods in plastic containers and bags, always use aluminum foil: it will protect food from unwanted smells and moisture that could spoil it. Simply cover the container’s lid with a sheet of foil before closing it tightly.
  • To keep flowers fresh longer, put them in water filled with ice cubes Flowers tend to lose their petals quickly after being cut. The best way to keep them fresh longer is to put the stems in water that is as cold as possible.
  • Anti-theft for your luggage: spray a sheet of Bounce on the inside before packing it with clothes this trick has been use by flight attendants and experienced travelers for years and works like a charm in your Home. All you have to do is place a sheet of Bounce scented fabric softener between your clean clothes and pack your suitcase normally, don’t seal it airtight.
  • Bounce will keep all your clothes smelling fresh for the duration of your trip.
  • The easiest way to fix a run in nylon stockings is with clear nail polish if you don’t want to throw away an expensive pair of nylons, use clear nail polish to patch small holes and runs. It’s much cheaper than buying new ones!
  • Use bobby pins to hold up curtains or other fabrics on rods you can use bobby pins as curtain rod holders because they are small, discreet, and easy to open. To install them just put two bobby pins on each side of the window frame, close to the curtain’s edge. This way the pin will hide behind the drapes without damaging them. Coca-Cola can clean rust and corrosion from metal surfaces Remove rust and corrosion from motorcycles, bicycles, tools, etc. simply by cleaning them with Coca-Cola. It will not only remove the rust but will also prevent further stains.
  • To restore remove scratches from glasses or lost shine from patent leather shoes simply rub a peeled potato over the surface you want to repair in circular or back and forth motions.
  • Lemon peels reversed the hardening of clay pots when baking clay pots Clay pots become hard when you cook in them because they absorb moisture and salt compounds present in food. To reverse that process and make them soft again, place lemon peels inside overnight – in the morning wash thoroughly with hot water and scrub if necessary (not too much!) to remove excess salt from the surface.
  • To keep your jewelry from tangling, store them inside a pill box you can also use plastic egg cartons or even cupcake liners if you don’t have pillboxes on hand.
  • Make winged eyeliner in seconds with a rubber band and scissors Put an eyeliner pencil on top of a rubber band and hold it tightly against a table edge with one hand. Now hold a pair of small sharp scissors at about 90 degrees to the rubber band and pull it down towards you. The eyeliner will be perfect shape like wings!
  • Easily remove boat odors if your boat has started to smell like fish, sweat, gasoline, or any other unwanted odor, put baking soda into bowls or small plates and place it around the boat (or sprinkle it directly on carpets and seats).
  • Shoes and clothes stay cleaner when you coat them with shaving cream if your shoes or clothes get really dirty, simply put a good amount of shaving cream onto the surface and rub in with a damp sponge to create lather. Let sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. The shaving cream will easily remove dirt from fabrics without damaging them.


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