Selecting the Ideal Web Hosting Plan

Web Hosting

When you view a website in a browser, you are simply receiving codes written in various coding languages. The browser simply converts the code into what we can actually comprehend like text columns and images. The codes are held in different files in a computer, which has a processor that deals with basic file operations like editing and copying. Web hosting services allow individuals or organizations to make their websites accessible via World Wide Web. Depending on one’s needs, there are multiple web hosting packages one can opt for.

  1. Dedicated Web Hosting

In this type of web hosting, you do not share your server with any other customer. There are managed dedicated servers, whereby you do the set up and do the tweaking yourself. For unmanaged dedicated servers, you get to control everything. You need to choose this to enjoy the complete control of the content and applications within your server. It also enables you to know how to develop additional applications in your server.

Observably, this plan is expensive. This is because you are the sole occupant and maintainer of your server so there is no cost sharing. You can think of parting with $300 monthly to enjoy the services of this hosting package. Moreover, its maintenance cost is very high, particularly for users opting to use the unmanaged type of hosting machines.

  1. Cloud Hosting

This is a new type of hosting package in the market. For this type, you are not provided with one single specific machine as your server, but instead your site is hosted across many machines with a load balance shared between them. This implies that, if one of the host machines goes down, the load is redistributed over machines available. If you choose this, then you ought to enjoy numerous advantages like affordability as compared to dedicated hosting packages. What’s more, this plan is more suitable for collocation requirements since you only pay for the resources you use and occupy.

However, it may not grant you greater control similar to that of a dedicated server because you have to consider the minimum requirement across all servers that are sharing the load. What’s more, it can be very sensitive to security issues due to the data that is constantly moving from one server to another.

  1. Shared web hosting

From its name, this package involves sharing a server with others. Imagine it as a single building housing several apartment units. You can opt to go for this type because of its advantages like affordability and it being non-selective about sharing resources with other customers.

Shared web shoring denies you control on the type of operating system that you can run on your server. In addition, it may not give you the most stable and dependable server performance as it depends on many transactions within the server.

  1. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server, also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), is a combination of dedicated servers, cloud hosting and shared servers. For this type, you can reduce the expenses of running a dedicated server because you are still using one server, which you cannot convert to act as multiple shared hosting servers. It is suitable for someone who desires to manage his site independently. In addition, it gives you greater control of allocated resources.

Choosing a host package can be difficult at times. However, with precise comprehension of your web hosting needs including affordability and reliability of hosting plans, you can make credible choices.

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