Six Wardrobe Essentials for Stylish Moms

Who said being a mom is a prison for the unfashionable and the zero-style-sense mom? Well, no one did. This means that besides taking up the toughest role on the universe, raising human beings, you must look adorable always. You shouldn’t use motherhood, work and life storms as excuses for not dressing up. You have to look fab at all times. To look adorbs all the time, your wardrobe/closet must have the following fashion items:

  1. The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Yes, this had to be top on the stylish mom’s wardrobe list. Black is the most common color yet it still reigns. You cannot go wrong with black, and especially that little black dress. A black dress is easy to accessorize, and it possesses natural slimming abilities. The dress can be worn with about every shoe and the fact that you can play with bold colors in form of accessories makes it a mom’s wardrobe necessity.

  1. That edgy floral dress

This is a perfect springtime wear for every mom. You can accessorize the dress with a choker, nice high heeled sandals, flats, or boots. Every mom should have a floral dress, as it adds a chic flair besides bringing out life into your whole self and outfit.

  1. The feminine and flirty wear

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many kids you have. Married or not, a collection of flirty and feminine wear is a must. You must have a pair of open high heels, or stilettos, figure accentuating dress, and you can accessorize whichever way you like.

Whether you like it or not, you must be able to live a little. Chores and kids will always be there but if you don’t take care of yourself and breathe a little, you won’t have any more love to share. Once in a while, call in the maids and let them take care of cleaning the house while you relax and live a little. They will clean up the whole house and give you the opportunity of going back home to a spotless house.

  1. Great fitting jeans

Jeans work for almost all occasions and as a mom who has to juggle different activities at once, wearing the jeans goes with about everything. They can be worn in the office on a Friday, or to the parent-teacher meeting with a blazer thrown on top. Ensure that the jeans you choose suit your body shape well and they fit. Every mom must invest in jeans.

  1. The White button down shirt

This is an essential fashion item that should be in every mom’s wardrobe. Even if you will wear it occasionally, it is important to have it in the wardrobe. It oozes class and sophistication.

  1. Accessories

This has been mentioned severally, but it has to be stated here as well. You have to shop for accessories. Get bracelets, scarfs, hats, handbags, clutch bags, purses, earrings, necklaces, shoes, yes, you ought to have various pairs of comfortable shoes to wear with the dresses, pants or skirts.

In conclusion, being a mom is a lot and dressing fashionably isn’t. Ensure that your wardrobe includes stylish sneakers, sweaters, oversized cardigans, fitting tees, chic shades, maxi and knee length dresses, a cool hat, ballet flats, boots, jeggings, super-stretchy jeans, and a cross body bag. These will make you look stylish while being mom.

Remember that your comfort matters, as well the ease of cleaning the clothes, and their durability. If breastfeeding and working, you should go for stylish dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits that will make it easy to feed or express milk. You cannot miss classy and chic outfit for moms.