Some exciting ways to clean your fabric sofa

There is doubt that fabric sofas look exceptionally attractive and can also be very cozy. However, the cleaning procedure of these kinds of sofas can give you nightmares. Whether you have kids or not, there is no doubt that you will have spills time and again. Most house owners refrain from adorning their beautiful sofas with plastic covers. You must know how to clean your fabric sofa in such a scenario to ensure that they remain gorgeous forever. Some tips can help your lounge couch to look adorable for a longer time.

Nonetheless, before you undertake the cleaning procedure, you must read the tag’s instructions to ensure that you do not damage the fabric altogether. You must scan manufacturers’ instructions to understand how to undertake stain removal from your couch. Sometimes, manufacturers also give instructions to freshen up your couch. However, if you do not keep these instructions in mind, you might get void of warranties, thereby ruining your lovely couch.

Many times manufacturers’ instructions also can help you deal with your multiple cleaning queries. However, your new couch might come with various tags, but you should know which label to look at to get correct cleaning instructions before undertaking the task of washing your cushions. Properly following instructions will save you a lot of disaster and grief. Deviating from the recommended instructions on the tag can damage your couches permanently.

How to clean your fabric sofa when it gets stained?

List of items that you will need to clean your fabric sofa

  • distilled white vinegar
  • Upholstery attachment with a vacuum cleaner
  • Use microfibre cloth because it does not bleed, damaging your expensive fabric sofa
  • a bucket
  • try to use only distilled water because tap water can leave behind stains and residue
  • liquid detergent

Before you start with the cleaning process, you should test this homemade solution on any small fabric area before you commence the intensive cleaning process.

How to deep clean your fabric sofa?

You must take the necessary measures to ensure that the fabric of your sofa does not get damaged. Thus you must follow some steps before cleaning costly little couches. Ensure you vacuum your sofa couch before you start the cleaning process because you might rub debris or dirt on the fabric’s surface while cleaning. Later on, you should make a distilled water solution with dishwashing liquid and some vinegar in a bucket. You may use a damp microfiber cloth immersed in the cleaning solution.

All you need to do is gently blot those areas of the fabric that have stains. However, you must be very careful not to scrub around the material because it can damage the sensitive fibers, thereby making your couch look terrible. After some time, you can use a dryer or fan to dry the sofa completely.

You may also steam clean your couch as per the instruction manual of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you must do a spot test before steaming your couch. You may even hire professional cleaners for your upholstery cleaning requirements.