Some of the Most Amazing Football Players Who Have Made History

There are numerous football players who have made their countries proud of their dedication and performance. However, there are some who have managed to outshine the others through their hard work, determination, consistency, and incredible talent. Here are some of the living legends of football.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a star in his own right. He has been an amazing soccer player and the entire football fraternity is proud of him. David’s empire has been estimated to be worth £175 million, and this is not the result of playing football exclusively. David Beckham is an international icon and has been idolized for over 15 years now. 

He has made use of his great looks and fame for breaching the market and selling himself as a brand or business. He has clothing lines and perfume lines and even runs charities. He is about to purchase an MLS franchise. David Beckham has certainly made history in the International Football circuit. 

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a hot favorite footballer from Argentina. He has made history by playing for Argentina’s national team and also for Barcelona. He has won countless individual awards and established unparalleled records for the number of goals scored. He has received worldwide fame and recognition as the best soccer player currently. He has been appreciated and acclaimed for his great contribution to football for his country and for world football in general. 

Messi’s Supporters

The five-time Ballon d’Or champion had previously retired from the Argentinean national team but was called back within two months. Messi’s supporters have not been quite consistent but despite everything Messi had accomplished in Barcelona, he has always been under the shadow of Diego Maradona in Argentina, his home country. He has always been pressurized by expectations and often gets blamed unfairly. 

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is regarded as a rare breed of a football player, whom you could both hate and love depending on the situation. In just about five minutes against team England, when he was playing for his country Argentina in 1978, he demonstrated unrivaled and immense talent and even the dark side which transformed him into a controversial celebrity in recent years.

George Best

George best is regarded as a genius on the football ground and has been one of the finest and hugely-talented players. His silky skills resulted in Manchester United winning a host of trophy hauls. He still remains the most talented and finest technician for representing Northern Ireland internationally. He had become a major football celebrity in his own right but soon he developed certain critical alcohol-induced health issues. He is a role model for many upcoming football players even today.


Pele is known to be a phenomenal forward like no other. He led Brazil to three prestigious World Cup victories and scored over 1,000 goals during his eventful career. He was an important member of the 1970 Brazilian side which is still regarded as one of the greatest teams in football history. He had scored the opening goal against Italy in the final. He has been the ambassador of world football.

Our salute to all these great sporting personalities!