Sports World Is Reeling Under the Impact of COVID-19

While the entire world is struggling to combat the coronavirus pandemic, we have witnessed how global sporting events have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. The sports world and also the sporting fraternity have taken a big hit on account of the outbreak of the dreadful coronavirus. 

Sports Leagues

All major sports leagues that were slated to take place in the United States have been halted or postponed until further notice. Nothing more could illustrate the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is having a wide-ranging impact on the United States. And also most definitely on the sporting arena where all major college sporting events and also professional leagues have been brought to an emergency halt.

NBA Has Decided To Suspend Season

Recently, the NBA or the National Basketball Association came up with an announcement that it would be suspending its season for now. This decision came in response to the confirmation of coronavirus infection of a Utah Jazz player, Rudy Gobert. Another Jazz player has tested positive for coronavirus infection. At first, the NBA took a decision to postpone the Oklahoma Thunder versus Jazz’s game before announcing that the rest of the games of the season would be suspended until further notice. It has been announced that the NBA would be making use of this unexpected and sudden hiatus for determining the next proactive steps to take for moving forward in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

NCAA Stops March Madness

The NCAA or theNational Collegiate Athletic Association decided to cancel the March Madness, the phenomenally popular Men’s Div.1 basketball tournament along with the biggest annual college basketball event and also all other spring and also winter NCAA championships. This decision has come in response to the public health threat posed by the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic. The authorities explained that they do not want these events to contribute to or be responsible for spreading the coronavirus infection.

Duke University

Moreover, on Thursday Duke University has come up with an announcement to suspend all its scheduled athletic competitions for now. The authorities further explained that they fully understand also that this decision comes with major disappointment. And also overall well-being must be given the top priority at this juncture. Several college conferences too were canceled including the SEC, and also Big Ten Conference, etc.  

MLB Has Decided To Call Off the Spring Training & Delay the Season

Major League Baseball has decided to cancel the upcoming spring training schedule. The authorities have expressed their concern for the present health scenario and also they have said that the safety and also good health of the players, fans, and also employees are of top priority to them. MLB would be taking such precautionary measures and also following best practices as recommended by public health specialists. 

NHL Decides to Suspend Season

The NHL or theNational Hockey League has come up with a decision to suspend its season with immediate effect keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in view. The authorities claimed that they were getting ready for the developments, however, they did not wish to take unnecessary and also premature measures.

The sports authorities were compelled to cancel certain popular sporting events. To ensure a safe and also healthy environment for all its players, spectators, volunteers, and also supporters.