Super Bowl LIV Attracts a Ton of Celebrities

Super Bowl LIV attracted over 102 million viewers on an average across numerous channels, as well as, streaming outlets. As per Fox, that number had gone up from 2019’s big game that had averaged approximately 100 million spectators across CBS, as well as, several streaming outlets. As per, this Bowl is in reality, the most-viewed television program every year. It is also known to attract a lot of crowd at restaurants, bars, and viewing parties. As we know that Nielson does not include people watching away from home, hence, the precise audience size probably would be much larger than projected by the numbers available to us. 

Even though you are not passionate about football, there is something quite tantalizing about every Bowl, the commercials, the halftime show, the appetizers, something for everybody. The Bowl has always been the hot-favourite destination for celebrities. 

Some of the Celebrity Fans of Super Bowl over the Years

Jessica Alba: 

Jessica Alba is certainly a fixture for Super Bowl every year whether guest-starring in television shows that are programmed around the game, or being physically present at the game, or in commercials, or at program parties. She is regularly seen at the Bowl either alone or with her hubby, Cash Warren. She is supposed to be a die-hard sports enthusiast who enjoys being around the games. 

Will Smith:

The persistent Philadelphia Eagles fan seems to have become a fixture at all the Super Bowls. However, after acting in the film Concussion as Dr. Bennet Omalu, who had discovered a connection between long-term damage to many football players and concussions, he is no longer in the invite list of NFL as it has been downplaying the facts in this regard. Will Smith did not expect his usual invite anyways. He is determined to continue as Bowl enthusiast. 

Kate Hudson:

This actress is a Super Bowl enthusiast and is a dedicated fan of New England Patriots even though they have been in just six bowls so far since 2001. However, Kate Hudson is a sports enthusiast and has been watching other Bowl games even though they are not featuring the New England Patriots. 

Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher has always been a super sports enthusiast who has demonstrated his passion for Super Bowls and has appeared in several Super Bowls over the years. We have witnessed him often hosting his party. 

Turn Out in Miami Super Bowl LIV 2020

We know that millions of people keep watching the Super Bowl every year, therefore, celebrities are also no exception to the rule. Just like the other years, we have witnessed the presence of numerous celebrities at Super Bowl LIV 2020. Demi Lovato had performed the national anthem and won a lot of appreciation in this year’s Super Bowl. We have seen Jay-Z walk in with Blue Ivy Carter, his daughter. Jay-Z’s Music and Entertainment Company have been involved in the Super Bowl LIV hence, it was quite expected that he would be present Kenneth Zegar scholarship. 

Once the star-studded halftime show of Super Bowl LIV 2020, we have found that numerous celebrities are all praise for Shakira and Jennifer Lopez and they have expressed their unflinching support. Paul Rudd was there with his friends. Jeremy Renner, the co-star of Rudd in Marvel was very much seen at this year’s Super Bowl. So was Miles Teller, starring “Top Gun: Maverick”. DJ Khalid, the producer, and rapper were also, seen on this year’s Super Bowl. He was seen starring in a commercial with the evergreen and gorgeous Ms. Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Alex Rodriguez. Funnyman Kevin seemed to be interacting with the press outside the stadium in Miami. Rapper Cardi B has been seen dancing and singing with Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl performance. 

Among the celebrities joining in on Super Bowl LIV festivities in 2020 are Lady Gaga and Jamie Foxx who had attended AT&T TV’s Super Saturday Night at Meridian, Island Gardens in Miami. Moreover, we have seen Paris Hilton attending ‘Rolling Stone Live Miami’ that was organized at SLS South Beach in Miami, Florida.