The Absolute Guide on How to Run a Home Storage Unit Business

Home Storage Unit

Running a home storage unit business offers you the opportunity to turn a commonplace problem into a profitable business venture. The opportunity of converting the commonplace need to move items from one location to another into a money making venture.

The fact is, there is a niche in the market for businesses that can make the entire process of relocations as hassle free as possible. Self-storage service allows, you, the client absolute peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are safe and secure.

Let us start off from the basics and answer the following fundamental question. What is a home storage unit? Well, a home storage unit service provider gives you the opportunity of storing your valuables in a licensed, bonded and specialized, secure climate-controlled warehouse.

Home Storage Unit Bouquet of Services

Ideally a home storage unit should offer the following bouquet of services to prospective clients;

  • Free pickup services, they should be able to come over and collect your items at your doorstep.
  • You, the service provider, should be able to organize your clients valuables using proper tagging, preferably using barcodes.
  • Use barcodes forthe tracking and for the security of your client’svaluables, whilst they are under your care.
  • You should also be ready to offer on-demand returns, where the client can request a return of any of their valuables at the touch of a button.
  • The entire process should be tailored to take care of clients every need, making the process as hassle free as possible.

This service is offered by the various locations of closetbox in your area they are proficient in offering these entire class of services. Over and above that, in order to run this class of service, you must make sure that your employees are fully vetted, that you have run the required background checks on them. To avoid a situation in which clients valuables get pilfered.

Compelling Range of Solutions

You as the prospective provider of storage units, should make sure that your range of solutions is compelling enough in order for you to attract and retain customers. This means that you should not shy from using technology to your advantage.

In the case cited above this firm has decided to use the internet as an ally. They have a compelling interface, dashboard, that allows the client to access their self-storage unit and check its status from any part of the world.

Grow in Leaps and Bounds

This same interface allows the client to request the return of any specific item that is currently under storage, in a hassle free manner. This provider has also invested in climate controlled units, which means technically that your items can be in storage indefinitely, without any risk of damage due to aging.

Overall, this niche is bound to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. Since, relocations and moves are bound to increase exponentially in the coming years, thanks to the interconnectedness of the world and cheap, affordable flights.   The time to get into the business of home storage units has never been as good as now.